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Any mario kart styled games out there?

I'm tired of racing games like asphalt 6 &7, GT racing and riptide GP. I know they boast beautiful graphics, but for me games like mario kart were always the best racers for me.

I'm not asking for mario kart itself, as I can use emulators easily; I'm asking for android games that are similar to mario kart. I know about shrek kart and I wanted to download it really badly when I had an incapable phone, but nowadays it seems to have vanished.

What recommendations therefore can you guys make? Thanks.


#1 Beplexor, Oct 6, 2012
I recently got mini motors racing. Pretty fun, but not quite like Mario kart.
#2 AntimonyER, Oct 6, 2012
Tiki kart is pretty fun.
#3 Dark One, Oct 8, 2012
Shrek Kart for Android - Fun Car Racing Game, Official Android Game | Gameloft

One of GameLoft's best.
#4 ExtremeNerd, Oct 8, 2012
Thanks for the responses guys.

For now however, I'm led to believe that people like me who are waiting for a mario-kart styled game just have to keep waiting. The main thing I can't believe I forgot to say at the start was that ONLINE multiplayer was a compulsory addition.

Call me picky, but none of those games satisfy me. Tiki kart is indeed quite fun to play, but the multiplayer is too patchy for me; no form of username or friend system, you just automatically pair up with anyone around the world regardless of ping? Ridiculous.

Shrek Kart on the other hand I haven't even bothered installing for two reasons: the fact that it's not on play store means that it's definitely not well known and therefore multiplayer would be a hard experience to enjoy. However, the fact that it only has local multiplayer is an incredible turn off for me too.
#5 Beplexor, Oct 8, 2012
My son thinks MoleKart is identical to Mario Kart, I've downloaded it and it seems pretty darn good.
#6 Phoenix1974, Oct 8, 2012
PAC-MAN Kart Rally
#7 Jotamide, Oct 8, 2012
Thanks, I'm going to download it right now. Lack of multiplayer is obviously unappealing, but the game mechanisms seems close enough to mario kart. In fact, the comments on youtube about how Nintendo should sue the makers of Mole Kart are hilarious :D

This also looks like a brilliant game, but it's not compatible with my Optimus 2X! What gives?
#8 Beplexor, Oct 9, 2012
Check: Krazy Kart Racing by Konami Digital. I enjoy this game but the music may get to you. The Price is $3.44 at the play store. On itunes, there is a free lite version. I don't know why they did not add the lite version to the Play store.

It does have single and multi-player racing modes. :) :) :)

#9 The Miki Show, Oct 10, 2012
Thank you. I am however even further annoyed now, after discovering that I can't install a couple of these racers because that according to Play Store, I can't install it in my country. Well i'll just download the apk and try it. Thanks for the game.
#10 Beplexor, Oct 10, 2012
Did you get it work for you and how do you like the game?
#11 The Miki Show, Oct 11, 2012
PAC-MAN Kart Rally would be good if it didn't cost so much to buy.

Tiki Kart is so wild and out of control.

why isn't Shrek Kart on google play?
#12 350X, Oct 12, 2012
I'm gutted because the gameplay is near perfect; the game makes really efficient use of the phone's gyroscope, and I love the simplistic interface. However, I've yet to play a single proper multiplayer game. The server system is quite weird.

You get 3 listed ones: Polarbit, polarbit(SWE) and something else...and not only that but there are barely ANY people playing at all.

I'll try and install the Pac Man Kart Rally APK because APKs seem to work. I'm not uninstalling Krazy Kart though, it's got too much potential. Thanks for the find.
#13 Beplexor, Oct 12, 2012
course you know you could just get a game emulator and play the real mario kart, which I did, but still some how was a let down. I member it being much more fun on the N64
#14 350X, Oct 12, 2012
You know what, I actually tried that a few months ago! I experienced exactly what you did; it just didn't feel as fun as it was on the gameboy...

Besides I'm looking for the multiplayer aspect in kart racing games for android. Mario Kart 7 for the nintendo 3DS has a very fluid multiplayer system according to many people...but like I said I guess I'm expecting too much from smartphones at the moment.
#15 Beplexor, Oct 12, 2012
How about you get the actual Mario Kart Game, download Super Gnes Emulator on your phone and download Mario Kart!!! You have the ultimate classic!!!
#16 p.esko0, Oct 15, 2012
N64oid and then download the ROM of Mario Kart.
#17 DexTyler, Oct 16, 2012
Hey i don't know about MoleKart. But i found that it's really very nice and full of fun same as Mario Kart. Thanks for information.
#18 spencerharry80, Oct 18, 2012
That's nice. I just wish it was available for all phones...it's quite stupid really, how it's not available for my phone.
#19 Beplexor, Oct 20, 2012