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Best DUAL SIM android phone?

G3 Dual Sim is better in my view.
1) G3 supports TD and FD LTE, also WCDMA and TDSCDMA, Mate 7 doesn't do that as far as i can tell.
2) G3 Hong Kong ROM has google embedded and have ongoing software support. Huawei needs rooting and flashing custom ROMs. This might be a small thing, but I personally don't like keep reflashing Roms after initial setup.
3) G3 s size is better. it's about the same size as HTC One M8 and easy to hold.
4) G3 has 2K screen (1440 x 2560), Mate 7 is full HD (1080 x 1920), don't trust anyone who says it doesn't make much difference. the extra PPI definitely makes a lot of difference in subtle way.


#1951 kingcedz, Nov 9, 2014
Thanks mate for your reply. Right now I am having 5.7 inch phone, which is quiet right size for me. I think 5.5 may be smaller for me. I couldn't find best 5.7 inches phone. That's why I am thinking of buying 6 inches. Before I bought 7 inch coolpad halo. That is a fantastic phone but I found it difficult for daily use.
My priority is to have a phone from 5.7 to 6 inches having gorilla glass, dual sim, memory slot and full hd.
#1952 apple2005, Nov 10, 2014
I'm from Spain and I think you guys might be interested on the BQ brand (the phone i have). It's pretty perfect, I payed less than 150 and to tell you the truth it runs super smooth..

Is Dual SIM of course. It goes with microsim so I had to cut a bit my sim card, but its awesome.

Drowbacks..? M.. Not yet to be honest :rolleyes: Nobody payed me to tell you about the brand but Im so happy with it haha Actually I bought two/three days ago their tablet BQ Edison 3 analisis.
#1953 MrArthur, Nov 10, 2014 Last edited: Nov 23, 2014
I am looking for a Dual Sim Active. Which ones are Dual Active phones?

Is HTC E8 Dual active?
#1954 Pratters, Nov 14, 2014
Hi Pratters, welcome to the site!

I moved your thread to the Device Comparisons thread discussing dual SIM phones :)

There is a version of the HTC E8 with dual SIM slots, but not every E8 phone has two.
#1955 kate, Nov 14, 2014
I am have decided to go buy an HTC One E8 dual sim version. Can you please suggest the best place to buy the phone from? I am in the UK. I am aware etotalk.com , merimobiles.com sell the phones and ship to the UK but I am not sure whether I will get a brand new, sealed phone or a refurbished one especially if I ask for a root and their ROM installation? I think I can root the phone myself (have done it previously) and so not sure whether I ask the sellers to root it for me?

Any feedback, guidance on this?

#1956 htc_desire_, Nov 22, 2014
I bought mine from merimobiles, and asked the to ship it without root or any changes. I got a factory sealed box. I have bought from etotalk several times, but it seems that the always open the box, if not for anything else then to "check that the phone is working before shipping".
#1957 EmilF, Nov 23, 2014

Now here is one I can seriously consider of buying.
If the reviews are anything near the real thing, it must be the best Dual Sim phone available at this moment:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual Sim SM-G900FD 4G LTE 16GB
Unfortunately the nearest country it's available is Russia!
Hopefully, it appears in Europe soon.....

..please Santa!!!

P.S And it has removable battery!!!
#1958 ZippoM, Dec 1, 2014
What about here ??

#1959 Crake, Dec 3, 2014
I bought the Samsung Galaxy S5 (G600FD). Besides the price which is not cheap, the dual sim works perfect.
The removable battery is perfect, but I think it's not neccesary. I manage to do 2 whole days with it, where my S4 only lasted for 1 day (max).

Only looking for a widget app, to toggle the 2 SIM networks. I want to be able to disableone network with this widget, in stead of using the android settings menu. Someone any info about this for me? For example; I want to switch off SIM 2 network because this is my work number. During weekend, this should be disabled
#1960 JM Starmans, Dec 10, 2014
What is the problem if you do it through settings menu?
#1961 apple2005, Dec 10, 2014
Time efficiency .. Instead of three clicks it should be possible in one. Just for my laziness ;-)

Next step after that; Make it automaticly possible by time schedule by programming it.
#1962 JM Starmans, Dec 10, 2014
It doesn't look like this comes from Samsung UK, as it is not listed in their page, and therefore it doesn't come with normal 24 month guarantee.(probably imported from China)
Besides I don't live in the UK.
If the phone is not purchased in the EU, the manufacturer is not required by law to support it.

For what is worth, last week I got a Motorola G (2014) dual-lsim as a work phone and it's really nice:
5'' screen, 4.4.4 Kit-Kat, Gorilla glass etc. The only thing I find to complain is the DualSim interface, which is too simple compared to the one in my older Galaxy S Duos.No indication on the screen about which sim-card is in use, no separate screens and no separate tones!
#1963 ZippoM, Dec 11, 2014
Hi Guys,

New to the forum. Been researching on dual sim phone as I have been carrying 2 phones. I have a flagship android phone and a dual sim mid end android phone. 3 lines altogether.

Found that dual sim phones are amazing. I have a registered line which provides 4G access to both lines on the dual sim phone. Prepaid 4G is way too expensive to even consider switching on.

With the new lollipop launch, I'm considering getting a flagship android phone. LG G3 D858HK and Sony Z3 Dual being contenders. I'm also partially considering Honor 6 dual sim. Appreciate feed back on Honor 6 Dual sim, if any.

Currently I have been trying to setup alternate wechat, whatsapp, line, instagram and facebook on the 2nd user account using Lollipop OS on my SINGLE sim phone. So far everything is running except wechat. The only thing I am NOT getting with a single sim phone now is the calls and sms, which the dual sim will provide. Anyone knows when Lollipop coming to D858, z3 and honor 6? I don't feel like flashing.

#1964 JackWei, Jan 13, 2015
I have had (and actually still have) the Honor 6 Dual Sim, but is currently using my Sony Z3 Dual Sim (and have been using it for about 3 months).

The Honor 6 dual sim is a good phone with great battery life, good size and camera. It is Dual Sim Full Active which is great. I would say that it is a high end phone. OTA updates have been quite frequently coming from Huawei, so good software support. It has multi by default, with allot of languages, but be aware that it is a phone for the Chinese market and some time there is Chinese characters or system messages from Huawei apps not translated. Most can be turned of thu. One issue I have, is that you cannot access app settings in some (few) apps. The two apps I have had the problem with is Facebook and XDA Forum.

The Sony Z3 Dual Sim is a great phone - just go for the Sony Z3 reviews, it is the same phone only with dual sim as a difference. Really beautiful and well designed, great camera and battery life is amazing. The Z3 supports allot more LTE-FDD bands than the Honor 6 - or in general any other Dual Sim LTE phone. Everything just works, so that is great. It is Dual Sim Dual Standby. Lollipop should be comming in Q1.
#1965 EmilF, Jan 14, 2015
Could you help me by answering the following: Can sim 1 use data while sim 2 is on a call? Sim 1 is set to WCDMA/LTE and sim 2 set to GSM. So can use data (browse or what ever) on the data sim, while on a call on the other sim.
#1966 EmilF, Jan 14, 2015
Thanks for the respond. I went with the G3.

As for Honor 6, it doesn't have an App Pages? You have to have all apps in the main page like Iphone?
#1967 JackWei, Jan 16, 2015
Yes, that is correct for the launcher. I use Nova launcher, as I do not like to have all apps on the start page.
#1968 EmilF, Jan 16, 2015
Just to.... revitalize this thread, which seems to be going slow nowadays!

One of the confusing things in the Dual Sim terminology I think, is the "Stand-by" and "Full-Active" terms used by many posters, but mainly from reviewers, sellers and manufacturers. I find these terms to be inaccurate and misleading.
There have been endless arguments on many forums about the true meaning of these terms, with no definite conclusion.
In my opinion, a "Dual-Sim Full-active" phone should mean:
Both Sim Cards active and able to receive/transmit calls and data at the same time.
One should be able to "call oneself on the same phone", as someone said!!!
This requires that there are two radios in the phone.
Now, this may sound ridiculous and unnecessary, but this is the only way that you can receive a call on one Sim-card, while speaking on the other, without having to worry about call forwarding costs and such.
So, to my knowledge,all the Dual-Sim phones at the market at this moment (at least the most known brands available) are of the "Dual Stand-by" variety.
"Dual-Sim, Dual stand by" :
Both Sim Cards are "active" and ready to receive/transmit voice and data, but at the moment one starts to do so,
the other one goes "unavailable"or "out of range" and any calls to this card will be forwarded only if such feature is
provided and activated by the user!

At the moment and after a long search I haven't been able to find a "Dual Sim Full Active" phone on sale!

If anyone has any thoughts on the subject, please let's hear them.
#1969 ZippoM, Feb 26, 2015
I agree on your definition of the terms, and yes Dual Sim Full Active phones is a rare thing out there. As you say, it might seem unnecessary, but I also think that it is an important feature to never miss a call. Also with Dual Sim Dual Standby you often loose data during calls (depending on the sim used for the call, and the data sim). Sometimes I find that to be a problems, with long calls / phone meetings where I cannot get online during the call. Dual Sim Full Active also solves that problem.

There is not many DSFA phones out there, but Huawei phones with their own Kirin chipset is Dual Sim Full Active. I own both the Honor 6 and Honor 6 Plus, and have tested the feature on both. On the Honor 6 Plus you can even switch 4G service between the sims. Only one at the time can use 4G, but you can switch by settings, without physically switching the sim cards.

But yes: HTC, Samsung and Sony dual sim phones (4G models) are all Dual Sim Dual Standby...
#1970 EmilF, Feb 26, 2015
Sorry the publicity, but here you are:
#1971 Crake, Feb 26, 2015
Do be aware that etotalk claims that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is Dual Sim Full Active, even thu it is not... It can forward calls between the sims when on a call, but is not true Dual Sim Full Active.
#1972 EmilF, Feb 27, 2015
Thanks for the replies!

This is another important issue with Dual Sim phones, as most of them offer only one (fixed) slot for 3g,4g LTE etc, and GSM on the other.The "Sim 1" and "Sim 2" thing!
Another problem with the reviews of the Dual Sim phones is, that the reviewers hardly mention the quality and implementation of this feature, concentrating on the other aspects and qualities of the phone (cameras, sound etc) as with the "normal" phones.
I don't mean to doubt your word on the Honor 6, but GSM Arena lists this phone as: "Micro-SIM, dual stand-by". which proves the above point!
EtoTalk lists almost all Dual Sim phones as "Full Active"!! Very misleading!

How does your Honor 6 manage the 2 sim function? Does it give you the possibility to have complete "profiles" for each sim, like own colour, name, sound and wallpaper as in e.g. the Galaxy s Duos, or a simpler scheme as in my latest Moto G 2014, which is much simpler and makes itself present only when you make, or receive call?
Having changed from the Samsung to the Moto G, I was a little disappointed to find that the G's dual sim implementation is much plainer and there is no indication on which sim you are "using" at any given moment.
It just flashes the sim's icon with an incoming call and gives you the choice to choose between the two sims in a small window when you want to place a call.
The "teaching" of the wizard to choose automatically which sim to use according to the phone number used is of dubious usefulness, as you can simply decide to use either, to call any of your contacts.
#1973 ZippoM, Feb 27, 2015
I just have since middle of 2013 an HTC one M7 802W Dual sim, and i ensure you that it is really DSFA.
#1974 Crake, Feb 27, 2015
Lenovo Vibe Z too
#1975 NeWbIe_vlc, Feb 28, 2015