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Support Blank SD card or has unsupported file system.... SD card was running normally...yet this morning I had this notification "sd card blank or unsupported file system"...I couldn't enter neither to my files nor to my songs and photos....How do I unblank/fix or support my file system witout losing my data... pls any help?
I also went to setting to unmounted but the only optcion I see is SD Mount...Thank you!:(


#1 ellie android, May 30, 2013
Sometimes sd cards can go corrupt. Try plugging just the sd card into a p.c and see if you are able to copy it over to the p.c.. Try using a different sd card in your phone . Sometimes cheaper sd cards tend to do this . Hope this helps.
#2 mysticspiral, May 30, 2013
Gently clean the gold strips as this is were stored data is read from
#3 MyFormIsCrack, Jun 11, 2013
I've had my S2 for just about a year now, and no matter what SD card I put in it, I always receive the blank SD card message. The only option I've ever had is to re-format it on a PC. Mine did it again this morning and I lost all the pictures from my Vegas trip and from my wedding. =/

Good luck, Hope you can get yours working again.

#4 LiveTheSecond, Aug 24, 2013
A simple thing like static can permanently damage your SD card.
Do Not Touch the connections!
If you transfer data frequently, allow device and card to cool down, as heat can also do damage. (TO AVOID USE A PC OR MAC TO TRANSFER DATA)
Avoid installation of large Apps to your card, apps tend to run in the background without consent, constant communication from your card to your phone will also heat up your card and it will malfunction. In some cases damage your phone/devices ability to read other or new cards.
Contact the manufacturer about the warranty.
Email for other questions.
#5 JasonD561, Mar 14, 2014