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General Boost Mobile now has free Hotspot enabled

Seems like now they allow all Boost Mobile data plan customers use their Phones as Hotspots now, no extra charge. As mentioned on this page https://www.boostmobile.com/#!/shop/plans/monthly-phone-plans/ Just a heads up for folks who don't know.

This will go nicely with those 10GB I got Boost Mobile to give me :p proof: http://i.imgur.com/rl0FgDK.png How and why? Well they screwed up with my service months ago. They first gave me a promo "2gb extra for life" on top of their old 2gb plan. Then they came out with "growing data to 5gb" and I asked if I could get my "2gb for life" with that new plan, they said yes but screwed it up. Months later in December I decide to call up and the new rep managed to give me their "10gb half off" plan for my troubles, $30 bucks under auto pay for 10gb high speed, unlimited talk, text, data /w throttling after high speed. I feel like Boost Mobile is like the Comcast of Cellular plans. Nag enough and you just might get a better plan. Your millage may vary.


#1 ShapeShifter499, Feb 5, 2016 Last edited: Feb 6, 2016
I never had cricket or metropcs. *shrug* I'll take it though :) Quick someone else get in on this plan. Another rep said I could have this plan for as long as I don't change it.
#3 ShapeShifter499, Feb 5, 2016
That's a sweet arrangement you got there. Virgin still stuck in the gutter. Eating sprint/boost table crumbs lol
#4 Curtis1973, Feb 5, 2016
I get 10g for 30$ next month :D
#5 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
Thanks Double S for the advice!
#6 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
#7 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
Might wanna post this under boost mobile forum section as well... you will make tons happy!
#8 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
Just asked if you could have it and they gave it?
#9 ShapeShifter499, Feb 6, 2016
I asked because I was confused about my growing data plan and I just asked about the plan you and the website mentioned. A little push made it happened.
#10 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
Along with the boost dealz I activated in jan. So I pay 25/m
#11 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
Hmm I can't get them to activate it on my Aunt's Boost Mobile account, it's weird. Asked when they enabled it for me and again right after I read that you got it.
#12 ShapeShifter499, Feb 6, 2016
idunno why I got it... but I got it...
#13 SykkNyzz, Feb 6, 2016
This free hotspot people are talking about do u mean wifi tethering if so I cant get it to work
#14 iram, Feb 7, 2016
A custom ROM could work then
#15 SykkNyzz, Feb 7, 2016
Did they tell you how long that plan will last? Half off plans usually last a year and then it goes back to regular price of $60.
#16 DaKillaWilla, Feb 7, 2016
O_O I will check again before the year is over.
#17 SykkNyzz, Feb 7, 2016
#18 ShapeShifter499, Feb 7, 2016
Let me know if anything comes up. I'd rather keep this plan for as long as I can. (unless something even better comes along)
#19 ShapeShifter499, Feb 7, 2016
Does it need to be the $60 plan? I have $35 5gig maybe thats why it wont work...
#20 iram, Feb 8, 2016
I restored a stock backup to try it out, but the built-in WiFi hotspot still doesn't work. I'm on the $60 plan. Logged into my account page on their website and all the hotspot options are still listed as paid add-ons.
#21 Fangthane, Feb 9, 2016
#22 ShapeShifter499, Feb 9, 2016 Last edited: Feb 9, 2016
Curious, I took to the Boost Fakebook page - the best way to get effective customer service - and sent them a PM. It turns out that free Hotspot isn't included for those of us on the old plans, so you have to switch to one of their new plans that include it. Apparently, the only discernible difference is that the "new" plans have Hotspot. I asked them to switch me, they said they would, but it won't take affect until my next Re-Boost.
#23 Fangthane, Feb 9, 2016
Ah, semantics. Is that going to reset our growing data progress?
#24 bg4m3r, Feb 9, 2016
I didn't think to ask, since that doesn't really apply to those of us on the $60 plan. If you're a heavy data user, I think that plan is the way to go. I switch ROMs too much to track my data usage with any real accuracy, but I have little doubt that I've used 25+ GB of data for each of the last two months - with NO THROTTLING. Not sure how much I may be benefiting from the fact that I'm in a very rural area, concerning any data "deprioritization" that they may put in place for heavy users.
#25 Fangthane, Feb 9, 2016