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Support Cannot download MMS messages

I had this problem on my droid, and still having it today on my Nexus. When I receive an MMS message, I get the notification, and when I go to view it, I see a download button. Clicking it makes it change to say "downloading" but nothing happens past there.

That's with Handcent AND the stock Messaging app.


#1 Trel, Apr 6, 2012
You must have the data plan (e.g. 1GB per month) with your wireless service provider. The attachments in the message are stored on the central servers of the service provider.

With WIFI (e.g. wireless Internet access from home) only, you can browse the Internet or download software from Google Play, but not access the service provider's server.

Hope this helps.
#2 Shengxin, Apr 6, 2012
if he has the Galaxy Nexus then he has a data plan.
You can't have a smartphone on VZW without a data plan.

OP is this the first time it has happened? Is it all mms messages or just one in particular giving you a problem?
#3 trophynuts, Apr 6, 2012
My mother-in-law has this problem chronically on her stratosphere. Never heard of it on the Nexus though. What fixes it for her is to turn wifi off completely, and toggle data connection.
#4 AntimonyER, Apr 6, 2012
My dad's Gz'One does the same-- with the same fix.
#5 TheyCallMeBT, Apr 6, 2012
That appears to have worked for now.
I usually have Wifi on while I'm home. Never got an MMS away from home so I don't know if that's the issue always.
#6 Trel, Apr 7, 2012
this is a known issue with the G Nex. There are hand off issues with the radios.

For instance: When i'm at home on wifi i almost 100% can't send mms messages because of hand off issues from wifi to cell radios. It is very much a PITA.

numerous people have said that toggling Airplane mode on/off or Wifi on/off or Rebooting the phone have fixed the issue. I usually try all of the above until i get the results i want.
#7 trophynuts, Apr 7, 2012
I have this issue quite often, always on vzw network (meaning not on wifi). I will have to try the airplane mode thingy.
#8 dubie7006, Apr 7, 2012
My nexus won't even receive mms think I'm gonna need to get a warranty phine .
#9 artman540, Apr 8, 2012
I have the same issue. I can't download or send MMS when my Wifi is enabled. I am on T-Mobile's Network. When trying to download an MMS I am given the message that "this message cannot be retrieved at this time". When trying to send a message the MMS just continuously shows that it is sending, but never goes through.

It is an issue that the phone is not recognizing that it needs to switch over to the DATA network to send. I am very annoyed by having to disable my wifi for my phone to function properly when trying to send or receive picture messages.
#10 queseimo919, Apr 18, 2013