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Support Checking if phone is unlocked

Hey guys. I was just trying to check if my phone is locked or not but I can't seem to do it
I tried checking the status of my phone's network lock by going to dial pad and entering *# 7465625# Usually after you enter the last symbol (#), it should take you to the specified screen and tell you if your phone is carrier locked or not. However nothing is happening and if i press the call button it says "running USSD code" and says its and invalid code.

Any wisdom?


#1 Mar, Mar 7, 2013
Does it have any carrier software on it mate?
#2 funkylogik, Mar 7, 2013
It does but my previous one did as well and it was unlocked
#3 Mar, Mar 7, 2013
They removed that USSD code function at some point with one of their firmware updates. Don't you have a different SIM to try on it?
#4 sherlock5545, Mar 7, 2013
Right so it was bought as a locked phone and then (maybe) unlocked. I dunno tbh other than as sherlock says trying someones sim in it unless theres maybe an app that tells the lock status..
#5 funkylogik, Mar 7, 2013
Thanks. The thing is all my other sim cards are bigger and I don't want to cut them down unless I am sure they can actually go in the phone! But yea I think it is actually locked.
#6 Mar, Mar 7, 2013
Why do u think its locked (or unlocked) mate? Did u buy it off ebay or something?
#7 funkylogik, Mar 7, 2013
No I got it with a contract and it was locked but I asked them to unlock it and it is taking them ages so I was wondering if there is a way to check if they have done it yet. They said they are going to contact me but I still haven't heard from them.
#8 Mar, Mar 8, 2013
I cant think of a way to test it without a sim man. I tried puttin a few strings of words into play store but couldnt find anythin..
#9 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
Unless its a US phone, try the GalaxSim Unlock app mate (free)
It claims to be able to unlock s3s but also tells you the lock status. Havent tried it but its worth a shot :thumbup:
#10 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
I unlocked mine with that app, however you need to be rooted.
#11 sherlock5545, Mar 8, 2013
Will it tell you the network lock status without root though mate?
#12 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
Nope, without root it can't read the phone status, unfortunately.
#13 sherlock5545, Mar 8, 2013
cheers mate.
Hmm im stumped then op sorry
#14 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
[​IMG]Here's how it would look like with that app, it requires root though.
#15 sherlock5545, Mar 8, 2013
The Provider can not unlock the phone OTA, the code has to be manually input on the device. Call back and request the Sim Unlock code. You will need a Sim from another Provider to get it to pop up the window to input the unlock code.
#16 GTWalling, Mar 8, 2013
I can confirm this. AT&T just gave me the unlock code for my SGSIII.:)
#17 grunt0300, Mar 8, 2013
Great point lol why didnt i think of that. If its the same as in UK u get a 16 didgit PUK code to enter when u put in another sim :thumbup:
#18 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
My unlock code for AT&T is only eight digits.:p
#19 grunt0300, Mar 8, 2013
Must be a slight difference in other countrys then. Im pretty sure its been like 12 or 16 didgets when ive unlocked phones.
Does it work the same way though? (Just put in a different sim then enter the code when prompted)
#20 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
That's what they told me. Now i need to find a SIM card, the same size as mine, but from another carrier.LOL I have an old T-Mobile SIM card, but it's too big to fit into the slot.:(
#21 grunt0300, Mar 8, 2013
What about CDMA phone? Are those strictly locked to one network as they do not have a sim slot? Just curious, I've never been to the US, so all these is pretty new to me.
#22 sherlock5545, Mar 8, 2013
Yes, CDMA phones in the us are tied to a carrier

Its possible to switch to some prepaid networks but its a legal grey area.
#23 Rxpert83, Mar 8, 2013
lol DONT attempt to do it without a proper sim cutter. Most lil phone shops will do it for free if youre friendly. Ive seen friends try to cut sims with a carpet knife or whatever and failing badly :)
#24 funkylogik, Mar 8, 2013
The old Sim is too thick to fit into the slot. I think that i need a newer type of SIM card. My daughter uses T-Mobile, so if her Sim is the same size as mine, i'm good to go.:p
#25 grunt0300, Mar 8, 2013