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Have had my Turbo for about two weeks now and attempted to use the camera with flash activated and got no flash.
I know that it was working before, but for some reason it had stopped.
I did notice that when attempting to take a photo with the flash activated right after launching the camera app that one of the leds would emit a very dim flash. Any other tries after that, then I would get nothing.
This same behavior would repeat with a different camera app too. Also, same thing with a flashlight app.
Now a day after the flash was acting up, it has returned to functioning properly.
I even tried deleting the camera data and cache when it was acting up, but with no results.
Not sure if this is a known problem, or I may possibly have a defective unit?
I have just one day left to exchange this phone for a new one, so I thought I would see if anyone else is having issues too?


#1 Sterling, Apr 27, 2015
Welcome to Android Forums.

In the camera app ... swipe in from the left ... second icon form top ... is flash set to Auto?

... Thom
#2 Thom, Apr 27, 2015
Yes, even set it to "ON" with no luck.
#3 Sterling, Apr 27, 2015
If it was me ... I would be standing in the Verizon store asking for a replacement.

... Thom
#4 Thom, Apr 27, 2015
make vzn give you a new phone.
#5 chucksartoris, Apr 27, 2015
Absolutely ... that's what I meant by replacement ... a new Motorola Droid Turbo. A great phone.

... Thom
#6 Thom, Apr 27, 2015
Sterling, I'm having the exact same issue with my new Droid Turbo. Did you find a solution or replace the phone?
#7 dcherne, Jan 3, 2016
I guess I found a "solution":

After 2 days of the flash not working it does now. First I wiped the phones cache partition, that made no difference. Then I booted into safe mode and that made no difference, flash still would only briefly flash the right LED when turning the flashlight on. Then I left the phone on playing movies until the battery wore down completely and the phone turned itself off. Charged the phone to 100%, turned it on, and the flash was now working properly again. I find it hard to believe wearing the battery down till the phone turned off actually did anything because it doesn't actually wear the battery down to nothing (it's not the same as removing the battery), but if you have this problem and your superstitious you might give it a try as well.

Now I'll see how long it takes before the problem arises again.
#8 dcherne, Jan 4, 2016
Mine the flash hardly ever works on auto some time wont wok on manual thought it was just me
#9 knodal, Feb 15, 2016
Any possible solution? I've been facing the same problem
#10 Haidermehdi, Oct 16, 2017