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Support Facebook events/Calendar sync

I'm using the Google calendar app for my calendar management and up until a week ago my Facebook events would show up in the calendar app. I have no idea why it just stopped working.

I'm not sure if this issue is specific to the phone or not, but I got some sort of notification that I had to update my facebook settings due to something samsung related having changed (sorry, I don't have any more detail than that). And after that the calendar stopped displaying my events.

I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Facebook & the Google calendar app. I've flushed the calendar storage, rebooted, etc... nothing works.

I can sync the calendar with no problem. But it just refuses to show up.

I've also tried exporting my events to my google calendar and that's been useless as well (I get the birthdays, but no events).

I really liked that feature. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

I'm running Android 4.1.1 if that matters


#1 bob354, Mar 25, 2013
Have you checked to make sure sync is on within the Facebook app's Settings?
#2 GTWalling, Mar 25, 2013
Yep. As I said, I can sync the calendar (I should have said I can sync the Facebook calendar). It just doesn't show up in the actual google calendar application.

If I look at the Google calendar "Calendars to Display" setting I only see my google and my work calendars, the Facebook one does not even show. I go further into the "Calendars to Sync" setting and it's the same thing, no Facebook calendar. It -used- to be there, and now it's not.

Futhermore, if I go into the Facebook account settings in my settings area the Sync calendar, contacts and pictures are all checked and have all synced at least once today. I should be seeing something.
#3 bob354, Mar 26, 2013
Have you check with the online Google Calendar to see if it got turned off there?
#4 GTWalling, Mar 26, 2013
I'm not sure how it would be related to the google web calendar? When it was working before I didn't have my FB events importing to my google web calendar, so events from FB didn't show up there, but they were showing up on my calendar on my phone.

I did integrate the web calendar to pull events from FB as a test, but that wasn't working either, so I disabled it. I tried multiple times to do it this way and new events never showed up.
#5 bob354, Mar 27, 2013
I have nothing else. Hope someone chimes in for you.
#6 GTWalling, Mar 27, 2013
Don't know if you have already got this resolved. But this worked for me:-

Alternatively, an easier way would be to go to your settings > Facebook (Under Accounts) > Click your Facebook Name > Sync Calender.

Hope this helps!
#7 crunchieo, Jun 20, 2013
Would be, alas won't. I do exactly like that but it doesn't yield either sync errors or calendar content.

WTH! :mad:
#8 Callistus, Jun 26, 2013
Have you had any luck? I've got an xperia Z and have had exactly the same problem about 2 week's ago.
#9 webbrm, Jun 29, 2013
A couple of days after my complaint above, I managed to make it work!

I deleted the facebook account in my phone, then REMOVED/REINSTALLED the facebook app.

In the next step I went directly to the app, didn't go to settings->account on the phone to create a facebook account. The app by itself created the account on the phone automatically.

After that, in the phone's Google Calendar app, facebook appeared in calendars to display/calendars to sync. facebook events showed up after a sync.

Good luck!
#10 Callistus, Jul 1, 2013
Wrong diagnostic o' mine.

Besides doing what's stated above, I had also re-enabled all Samsung bloatware that I had previously disabled.

I've just investigated more thoroughly and found out that disabling app "S Planner" stops Galaxy S3 from syncing with Facebook.

It looks like this app doubles as a bridge between app "Calendar Storage" and Facebook. Without it, sync works (no error) but it doesn't store anything.

Minutes ago I had all Samsung bloatware disabled again, including S Planner, and Facebook calendar wouldn't sync. After enabling S Planner... bingo.

It's common sense that installing app "Google Calendar" calls for disabling S Planner. Just like a moth going into a candle's flame. :banghead:

Other ways of having your calendar NOT synced: deleting the Facebook app "Samsung Galaxy S III" in Facebook (via web) or changing your password in Facebook.

So to make sure your Facebook calendar gets synced in Android:

1. Enter Android settings.
2. Turn off Auto-Sync.
3. Remove your Facebook account entry.
4. Make sure app "S Planner" is enabled.
5. (optional) Maybe it's a good idea to have app "Samsung Push Service" enabled too. Just a hunch.
6. Turn on Auto-Sync.
7. Exit settings and run the Facebook app.
8. Log in and grant all of app "Samsung Galaxy S III"'s requests.

#11 Callistus, Jul 21, 2013
Settings > accounts > add account > Xperia for Facebook. It should automatically sync birthdays and events as long as you are signed into the Facebook app.
#12 BG311, Nov 25, 2013
You saved me. I was annoyed to death after I updated my Xperia Z a few days ago and could not get Facebook Calendar syncing to work. I just joined this forum to thank you
#13 prashantrana, Nov 26, 2013
For any consolation, wat I did was just clear the data from my S Planner and everything went back, events, bdays and memos..

Settings>Applications>S Planner then click on Clear Data

Hope this helps others.. My best guess is that S Planner gets confused if you log in to different facebook accounts since when I tried to sync Facebok calendar directly from S Planner it gives me an error saying "Only one facebook accound is supported". Hence what I did was clear the data/cache and the calendar refreshed with all the stuff that was previously there.
#14 sweetmyst, Aug 27, 2014