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Galaxy S5 APN settings on Metro pcs/

I Have a unlocked S5 and I need some help on the APN settings for the S5 that metropcs sales
can someone post those settings or take screenshots of them and post them.



#1 spiknek, Apr 22, 2014
You can find them in here http://androidforums.com/showthread.php?t=810843
#2 Gman9831, Apr 22, 2014
thanks are those up to date ?
My phone is from Verizon is unlocked I can use it global cdma or gsm when i called metro they told me that my imei was from a cdma phone and that will not work? may the lady did not know what she was doing. but is working but network comes and goes and mms don't work any ideas ? thanks
#3 spiknek, Apr 22, 2014
The fast.metropcs.com is the ideal of the 2 but yes they're up to date and that could help with data and MMS problems
#4 Gman9831, Apr 22, 2014
If its a Verizon phone then it won't work with Metro. Its registered as a CDMA device and not a GSM one, so the IMEI numbers on there won't coincide as a GSM phone. And it comes and goes because the radios in the phone aren't the same ones used as Metro and Tmobile.

You have yourself a nice expensive brick :(
#5 Vyrus69, Apr 22, 2014
Are you sure you are reading the right numbers? cuz there is like 4 different ones for cdma phones. i would use swappa's esn checker to make sure all of them are good and clear.

apn's wouldnt have anything to do with things working and then ging away. either it works or it doesnt. i would look into if you have poor signal in your area or not.
#6 Shabbypenguin, Apr 22, 2014

Not true at all. As shabby said he just has to give the right number to them. The easiest way is to do it online. If it didn't support the gsm bands it wouldn't come and go it would just go. He'd pick up no signal at all. If you got it to work try playing around with the network settings. Make sure its set to gsm.
#7 timmyh318, Apr 22, 2014
Try using *#06# that may show the right one, metro pairing system is stupid.

He doesn't have a brick, verizon often have world phones that work on gsm networks and now they can't lock them down anymore. If you want proof I use a droid three as a backup on tmobile and There is another guy (he has esteemkat in the works) uses a bionic. This world phone ability is making verizon phones a very expensive buy but worth it as some phones get tmobile lte now instead of just hspa
#8 DirtyDee, Apr 23, 2014
my phone works its just not working steady and my mms is not working
this phone i have 3 different options to network settings
i can use it
So I have it set to work on GSM.
#9 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014
Do you get LTE? If not you should try setting it to Global
#10 Gman9831, Apr 23, 2014
no I dont get LTE! but since metro is on gsm should i not use the network GSM
#11 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014
It's a GSM for voice and LTE for data for now and then HSPA+ can get data and voice too. If t-mobile has LTE in your area you should be able to get it.
#12 Gman9831, Apr 23, 2014
t mobile has lte in the area but how do i get HSPA it may sound dumm
#13 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014
Set it for 3g only
#14 DirtyDee, Apr 23, 2014
When you set it as GSM/UMTS do you get HSPA? HSPA is under the UMTS standard so you should.
#15 Gman9831, Apr 23, 2014
well i see nothing about HSPA where will that show?
when i select GSM it starts to search for network then it shows TMobile and ATT i select T Mobile and thats it !
#16 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014
What does the little signal indicator say? Does it have an h or 4g sign? Or does it have an e?
#17 timmyh318, Apr 23, 2014
it shows E
#18 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014
if it's tmobile branded you dont have to change anything in terms of apn
#19 the hulk, Apr 23, 2014
i dont know what you mean? my phone is from verizon fully unlocked! sorry if i am stupid about my answ
#20 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014

Your on edge now. Hmm. Does it work if you set it on global? I wonder if it does only pick up edge?
#21 timmyh318, Apr 23, 2014
yes im on edge and no if i set to global noting works
#22 spiknek, Apr 23, 2014
your device may only support hspa+ on 1900mhz band. if you dont live in a market that has that then edge might be all you get.
#23 Shabbypenguin, Apr 23, 2014