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I was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue.

I have been an owner of Samsung phones for pretty much my entire Smart Phone owning life (had an S2, S5, and now an S7).

The S2 and S5 had a widget called Task Manager, which allowed me to see a list of running apps and to close them individually if I so wished. The S7 removed this feature, however Smart Manager did the same thing. I have just downloaded the Nougat upgrade, however, and Smart Manager has been replaced with Device Manager which is just not useful at all for me.

So I was wondering if there was a way for me to see a list of running apps and shut them down? So far I have not found anything suitable on the Play Store.

One thing I liked about the Task Manager/ Smart Manager was that it DIDN'T show the list of background apps (like email) because, you know, I sort of want them running. So I'm NOT looking for something to kill all my background apps, nor am I looking to optimise my device or go into some battery saving whatever, as all the apps on the store pride themselves on.

Also, bringing up the list of apps by tapping the button on the right and swiping the apps away also isn't useful for me, because I use that menu as a short-cut. So for example, if I was using Facebook, then brought up the list and swiped it away, it won't be in the list any more until I open it again manually. Essentially I want to use Facebook, quit to my home screen, go to the Task Manager to kill it (I want to kill things individually not all at once), but then if I need it again just tap the right button and click the Facebook window.

This is long and I'm sorry if I haven't explained this correctly. If you need more information I can provide it.

TL;DR: I want an app/ widget that is the same as the old Samsung Task Manager or Smart Manager. Nothing more, nothing less. Any suggestions, please?


#1 animeXalchemist, Mar 23, 2017