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General Hate new emojis

Had the V10 switched to the V20, like it a lot except they changed the emojis why ? hate the new ones is there a keyboard in the play store I can switch to as the default that has the IOS emojis like the V10 ? Why did LG do that ? I'm sure i'm not the only one that thinks this SUCKS ? Any suggestions ?


#1 jaydub110, Nov 1, 2016
I have to agree. I got my LG V20 a few days ago and I was greatly disappointed with the emojis. They are really dumb looking. I miss the old Android emojis that I had several years ago. :saddroid:
#2 taddea, Nov 8, 2016
They do suck! I use TouchPal in google play store. Much better keyboard than any stock and has a lot to offer.
#3 jeff22151, Nov 20, 2016