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Support Home screen font colors

I have a mental disability following a stroke where I cannot think straight when looking at confusing colors and images. In the past I have found that phones work well for me as long as I use a plain white wallpaper. I set my Note 3 wallpaper to plain white with the Colors application. While the screen is now suitable for me, the title bar at the top is light gray to white, with white fonts. The fonts are illegible. I cannot read the time, for example. It would be great if I could set the font color to black, but I cannot find any setting to do so. Or, failing that, if I could set just the title bar to black, that would work as well. I can't set the whole screen wallpaper to black, because that triggers the problem. I can handle black in the title bar, but not for the whole screen.

Is there a way to set the font color to black, or change the color of the title bar?


#1 John Jason, Feb 22, 2014
Go to Settings and click the "Device" button, then choose the option called "Accessibility" under the Device button.

Then a new set of options will appear. Search the new options for an option called "Color adjustment" which starts a process of identifying which colors you find hard to see and let's you change them to a more suitable color.
#2 SkyJackpot, Feb 22, 2014
Thanks. I went through the process, but it is not what I need. I don't have any problem seeing colors (not color blind), I just need to change the color of the font in the home screen title bar.

I found a place to change the font, but even if I choose a different font it is still displayed in white, which is illegible on a pale gray background.
#3 John Jason, Feb 22, 2014
See if it's possible to change the gray in the "Color adjustment" process. Mark it as one of the colors you have trouble seeing even though you can see it. Then see what other colors it allows you to change it to to allow the font to stand out on top of it without being too dark.

Otherwise I don't think there's a way to change the font color unless you root your phone.
#4 SkyJackpot, Feb 22, 2014
Thanks for the idea, but still doesn't solve the problem.

Last night I found one sort-of workaround - I went into Accessibility and set the screen to reverse, and then selected a solid black wallpaper from Colors. This made the screen white and the font black. But it's not a very good solution because it also reverses all the icons and everything else on the screen. It makes things look really weird. But at least I can read the text in the title bar.

This morning I tried experimenting again. I found that if I used a solid color, but of a medium color intensity (e.g., medium blue), and turned off the reverse color option in Accessibility, the font went back to white, and the icons all looked normal again, yet I was able to read the font because the medium color of the title bar was dark enough to create enough contrast. This is a better solution than reversing the screen. But I like a solid white screen; it's cheerful. A solid black wallpaper would work even better for legibility, but that's way too goth for me. Is there any color more depressing than black?

I've never bothered to root any phone I have owned, but maybe now is the time. However, before I do so I'd like to know for sure that rooting will give me the option to change the font color. I suspect it will still not be possible, so rooting would be a wasted effort. But maybe rooting really will allow me to set the font color. More likely it will allow me to set the color of the title bar separately from the rest of the screen. On my old Android phone (Gingerbread) the title bar was always black regardless of what color wallpaper I used.
#5 John Jason, Feb 22, 2014
I thought there was a specific option as to whether or not the status bar was transparent...? Maybe try a different launcher. I'm using Nova, and there is an option to make the status bar transparent or not. If it is NOT set to transparent, then it is a black bar with white letters and icons. Is this what you are looking for?
#6 Stang70Fastback, Feb 22, 2014
If you root your phone then you can change the status bar to transparent or set the status bar to any color you wish it to be
#7 SkyJackpot, Feb 22, 2014
I googled on rooting, and it seemed complicated and scary. Plus, it appears that if I root the phone doing so will destroy all my installed apps and configurations. It took me all day to get the phone configured, so that is a major annoyance. On the other hand, it would allow me to get rid of My Magazine and other junk that I have no use for.

In the meantime, I installed Nova Launcher, and it appears to have resolved my problem. The top bar is now solid black while the rest of the screen uses the solid white wallpaper. It's still not perfect; captions under the icons are still in a white font, and thus invisible. This is only a problem for seldom-used apps whose icons are unrecognizable. I'm not an icon guy; give me a label in text that I can read.

Thanks again for the suggestions. :)
#8 John Jason, Feb 23, 2014
I got one solution for the lock screen. Install the Dash clock app. It allows you to change your lock screen clock colour from white to black. I had put a white wallpaper in lock screen and couldn't read the time. This helped. Sorry I can't help with home screen through. X
#9 S4UserX, Jul 25, 2014
Best bet is to use a launcher... Nova will let you add shading to toys and bottom so it will shore black and make icons stand out... It also let you chose other task bar options.
#10 lterry913, Jul 25, 2014
i had the same issue. my background is a photo with mostly white at the top so i couldnt really see the battery life or other icons at the top where the title bar is. the only solution i found was to activate the feature for "high contrast fonts" in the Vision tab under the Accessibility menu. this feature created a black outline border around the white font. MUCH better for me. hope this helps.
#11 pinkazz, Apr 5, 2016