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Support How do I set my text message notification sound?

Under sound in settings, I see a place to change the phone ring and the notification ring.

But changing the notification ring doesn't change the text message chime. It only changes other notifications like starting kies air.

How do I change the text message ring?


#1 droidrobot, Dec 5, 2011
Open up the messaging app, then press menu>settings and scroll all the way to the bottom to select the ringtone. :)
#2 lunatic59, Dec 5, 2011
This is probably my only gripe with androids, you have to start up the app you want to change settings to and then hit the menu button. Other than that I'm loving my new Android, its my first and wont be my last.
#3 leo9891, Dec 23, 2011
It's contextual. It does take a little getting used to, but it makes sense to me (now). I am not in any way criticizing or contradicting you, but I'd be curious to know where you would change options for individual apps if not within that app? :D
#4 lunatic59, Dec 23, 2011
I went from an iPhone to an Android :'( all the settings were in one app.
#5 leo9891, Dec 23, 2011
* Open Messenger
* Press Gear Icon (Settings) on top-right corner and press Notification.
* Press Ringtone and select any tones you like. You may hear the selected sound, if you're happy with it, press OK.
* Exit the Settings and wait for any incoming messages.

Enjoy your new FB Messenger sound!
#6 elsuirad, Mar 8, 2015