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General IMEI number has been deleted // does not recognize the sim car

My phone stopped recognize the Sim, I took it over to the repair store, they said that this phone does not have IMEI number which was deleted by some reason, we cannot repair it. I called Samsung to get help they said no since it is an international version.

I did restore, it did not help me.

can you help me out???

thank you


#1 fazeel_lk, Jun 2, 2014
Hello and welcome to android Forums fazeel_lk! :)

I am afraid from your description that your, "efs", file is either corrupted or missing. This is very bad news. If you are rooted and backed up your, "efs", as per #2.8 of the Rooting Galaxy S2 - Dummies Guide you can restore it by following the instructions in post #1 of this thread, entitled, Recover your IMEI in 9 steps.

See also, GSII_Repair, free from the Play Store.

Failing that, only Samsung would be able to help.
#2 ironass, Jun 2, 2014
Further to Ironass' post above, which is totally accurate I'm sorry to add the Web sites offering to repair your EFS folder with some sort of trickery cannot.

If your EFS folder has become corrupted by the usual way it can be by updating firmware Samsung and Samsung only will be able to repair it.
#3 dynomot, Jun 3, 2014
is there any way you can repair it for me, I cannot get help from Samsung U.S.A due to it is an international version.

thank you
#4 fazeel_lk, Jun 3, 2014
I unfortunately cannot repair it for you. With your device being the international version, and you obviously speaking English I would try contacting Samsung UK to see if they can help.

Helpline & Contact | Samsung UK
#5 dynomot, Jun 5, 2014