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Tips Instructions to Build Your Own Lego Cell Phone Dock With OTG!!

HTC Evo V Lego Dock!

Well, Im sure alot of you people saw my other post about making my own lego dock. Alot of people were interested and wanted a guide on how to make one of their own. Well here are the instructions in 20 steps!

Keep in mind, All steps are optional.
YOU can change/alter any of these steps to make your own design if you want! Even If you have an extended battery or a slim-backed phone! THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE!

Tools needed:

Legos of course!
Specific Legos for this design:
1 8x16 Bottom Plate(Can use 8 2x8 Plates if needed)
1 1x2 Bricks
3 2x2 Bricks
2 2x3 Bricks
22 2x4 Bricks
3 1x2 Plates
2 1x8 Plates
7 2x2 Plates
3 2x4 Plates
2 2x6 Plates
8 2x8 Plates
3 2x12 Plates
2 4x4 "Hinges with Plates"
8 2x2 "Slanted Downward" Bricks
A grand total of 67-74 Legos(Depending on bottom plate).

OTG CABLE! I used this one here. Its about 10 dollars.

Any other goodies you can think of!(Optional)

All steps are in order, With a description
ABOVE each image, Just in case you miss something. I recommend reading the steps before continuing on!

Step 1.) GATHER ALL THE TOOLS FIRST! That way you dont have to go searching for them later. :p

Step 2.) Start out with a clean work area, And start with the bottom plate. If you dont have a bottom plate this size, You can use 8 of the 2x8 plates in its place.

Step 3.) Add the RED bricks shown.

Step 4.) Add the OTHER RED bricks shown.

Step 5.) Add the BLUE bricks shown.

Step 6.) Add the BROWN plates shown. This is where you start inserting the OTG Cable. You can insert the power end as shown in the picture. I stood mine up on its side. It fits perfectly.

Step 7.) Add the GRAY plates shown.

Step 8.) Add the ORANGE plates shown.

Step 9.) Add the YELLOW plates shown. This is where you would place the female OTG plug. You could glue it into place if needed, Or wedge some extra blocks behind the plug to make it from sliding into the housing. Just be careful if you dont glue it, It could come out when you pull out your USB device!

Step 10.) Add the RED plate shown.

Step 11.) Add the BROWN plate shown.

Step 12.) Add the GREY bricks shown.

Step 13.) Add the RED plates shown.

Step 14.) Add the BLUE plates shown.

Step 15.) Add the TAN plates shown. This is where you want to think about how you are going to mount the micro USB plug out to your phone. You may want to glue it into place so it doesnt move, Or you can build some sort of insides to hold the cable into place so the end doesnt fall in when you put your phone on it or pulls out when you pull your phone off the dock. Its up to you. Dont do anything just yet! Just think about it! You will need to know the angle your phone rests later on, To mount it pointing in the right direction.

Step 16.) Add the ORANGE hinge points shown.(I ended up using only one, Because it was very tight and sturdy. If you have flimsy ones I recommend at least 2!)

Step 17.) Add the GREEN bricks shown, Along with the PURPLE plate. (Purple plate is to give it more angle standing up, If needed.)

Step 18.) Add the GREY plates shown.(To give more angle, If needed)

Step 19.) Add the RED plates shown.(To give more angle, If needed)

Step 19B.) This is where you can get the angle of your phone. Set your phone ontop of the dock, With the plug inserted already. Mark the location and angle of the plug. Make sure its plugging in straight. You will have to go back a few steps, Pulling off some of the top plates, To get inside once again. I recommend using some support bricks under, With some hot glue, To hold it in place.

Step 20.) Add the RED plates on the bottom as shown, Just incase it feels like all the weight is at the back and want some extra "footing" so it doesnt tip backwards.

There you go! You have your own lego dock for your cell phone!

Some other tips:

If you buy THIS specific OTG cable linked above, You have to have the power plugged into the OTG port before placing your phone on the dock, Or it wont read its plugged in and wont charge. I recommend the Buttered toast kernel to charge the phone and the USB device at the same time. Other kernels may not support this. After the power and phone are connected, You can insert your USB device last, To watch movies, Or play games without having to hold the phone! This also works great for a nightstand charging dock for the non-gamers out there!

One flaw to this design. You
cannot use this as a dock to transfer files to a PC. It has no data lines in the power plug, So if you plugged it into a PC, It will charge in USB mode, But you will not be able to do any transfers. I am currently working on a switch system with schematic to change this, For all you electronic solderers out there. :p

Feel free to leave feedback or ask questions!



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This is super badass!
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Well, After getting so much about this dock, I ended up making a 2nd one, that looks totally different. ;) I will post that one too when its done. :p
#4 gothicnerd1033, Mar 24, 2013
Dude this is so epic lol I wish I still had my Legos :D

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