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General Is the Optimus Showtime (LG L86C) still available?


I purchased an LG Optimus Showtime (LG L86C) about six weeks ago. I want to purchase another one, but the Walmart website keeps showing "out of stock," and the StraightTalk website doesn't show it any more.

Other than ebay (or other similar sites), is it still possible to purchase this phone?

I understand the LG Optimus Ultimate (LG L96G) is, or may be, the replacement for the Showtime. However, the Showtime is a CDMA phone and the Ultimate is GSM. I prefer Verizon networks, which use CDMA.

If the Showtime is no longer available, is there a CDMA version of the Ultimate available?



#1 Mr_Generic, Oct 9, 2013
As far as I know the only place you might be able to get one is from eBay. And yes, the Ultimate is the same exact phone as the Showtime except it's gsm instead of cdma. I haven't looked on ST's site in at least a couple of weeks so I don't know if they have anything new that matches the Showtime, but I have heard that the Samsung Galaxy Centura is a pretty decent phone for the price and it operates on Verizon towers
#2 clark71822, Oct 9, 2013
Our Walmart and three other Walmarts around me have stopped carrying them about two to three months ago.
#3 ThatonedudexP, Oct 14, 2013
I have a showtime and did a search and can't find anything except amazon and ebay.
#4 cooperkevin65, Jan 2, 2014