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Support Is the Verizon (VZW) HTC One M8 unlocked and "global ready" / will it work with any GSM SIM card?

Is the Verizon Wireless HTC One (M8) unlocked and global-ready? Meaning if purchased from a Verizon store, will the HTC One (M8) work with any SIM card / GSM carrier in the US as well as other countries?

I know the HTC Droid DNA would let you pop in any SIM card, and after setting the correct APN settings, I was able to use it on Straight Talk (AT&T) with normal 4G (no LTE).


#1 TectonicPenguin, Mar 27, 2014
Standard practice is a 90 day after purchase "hold" before allowing you to use a 3rd party SIM. If you purchase it outright you can get it SIM unlocked, but it is still a pain before the 90 days. They make you go through all sorts of hoops.
#2 SolApathy, Mar 27, 2014

I checked online with Verizon, and the HTC One M8 is listed in their "Global-Ready" section on their site: Verizon Wireless Global Ready smartphones

More info on Verizon's Global-Ready device policy: Verizon Wireless Global Roaming FAQs

I also personally checked with HTC and they told me the phone will work fine with any SIM card -- be it overseas or in the US -- the user will just need to edit the APN settings for AT&T, T-Mobile, Movistar or whatever.

If used here in the US, you'll only receive 3G/2G on AT&T -- no 4G LTE. Because T-Mobile's network is a little funny, it's 2G Edge-only unless you're in one of T-Mo's recently re-farmed areas. If that's the case, then you'll have 3G, but coverage may be spotty. You can find out which areas T-Mobile has refarmed here: Coverage: Network modernization update | T-Mobile Support

Keep in mind this does NOT mean the Verizon HTC One M8 is unlocked for use on other CDMA networks like Sprint or MetroPCS. That's an entirely different fish.

Hope this helps!
#3 GamerCore, Mar 28, 2014
wondering if anyone has confirmed that the verizon htc one m8 can be used overseas...
#4 oceanlight, Jul 16, 2014
It can be. It has a GSM radio. You just have to have it on your account for awhile (refer to post #2) before they will unlock it for 3rd party SIM use unless you have purchased the phone yourself at full retail.
#5 SolApathy, Jul 16, 2014
thanks! i also found this...

#6 oceanlight, Jul 16, 2014

I'm a little new to the whole CDMA/GSM topic, but I've a question related to this topic:
I got an HTC M8 through Verizon. I'm considering a switch to T-Mobile though.
My understanding was that Verizon is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM, and those are incompatible with each other.

However the Verizon M8 has a SIM card, which I thought CDMA doesn't have... I'm confused by this. Would it work with a T-Mobile SIM card?

Thanks in advance!
#7 lurkus, Aug 3, 2014
i actually purchased my m8 from taiwan and when i tried to activate the IMEI with verizon, they said it was not in the system and the phone was not compatible. I thought it should have all the bands/frequencies to be able to connect? Is there a way to have verizon activate this IMEI?
#8 ericshun, Aug 15, 2014
I am not at all experienced with this type of thing, but I am here for any help! I bought it on ebay and activated it on ST using the ATT nano sim card. I updated the APN settings and can get the "edge" network connection but its 1- spotty, and 2- sloooow. :( Most of the day I have no network inside my work or while in grocery stores, etc.

Now I may get heckled a bit for not doing enough thorough research before ordering the phone but I think we can all relate to just getting excited & a little googly eyed by a new phone! Can't we?

So now I've been doing a lot of searching & reading and from what I understand I cannot get anything faster than 2G with this phone on this carrier?? For real? Please let me be wrong!

Any knowledge & help is SO appreciated!
#9 OneTessLane, Sep 17, 2014
Unfortunately I don't believe you are going to get the network performance on ST that you are looking for. What carrier was the phone on prior to your purchase? I would verify it's a clean phone and who it was through.

If it isn't a clean phone you may have recourse through ebay.
#10 SolApathy, Sep 17, 2014
I don't think it has been on any network. It was new in box preloaded for use with Verizon. If I were to activate on T-Mobile would I be in the same situation as now?

I was on Sprint & needed to upgrade before my Galaxy S3 gave it up for good. I am looking at a possible move to Europe mid 2015 so I just wanted to buy a gsm phone that I would be able to use here w/ no contract then activate in Spain with a local SIM without selling/rebuying another phone.
#11 OneTessLane, Sep 17, 2014