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General LG G Stylo with T-mobile 6.0 H63120b GPS problems

Hi all, since I did the marshmallow update, my GPS can't be located on Google maps. I've downloaded the GPS Status apps, tried resetting the cached GPS data and re downloaded GPS data and it still isn't working. I use my GPS a lot and I know have to bring my galaxy s2 with me and use that. This phone isn't the same since I updated to marshmallow. My Internet always loses connection, the phone lags, GPS sucks...not a fan of marshmallow so far. If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated

I forgot to mention that my brother has the same phone on the same plan as me, but he still has lollipop and his works just fine.


#1 benton12679, Jun 1, 2016 Last edited: Jun 1, 2016
Is the battery cover on snug? Have you tried a wipe of the phone? Sometimes a good factory reset, especially going from 5 to 6 in Android is good.
#2 MrObvious, Jun 1, 2016

This worked for me. Had to take about 30 minutes to get my GPS right.

With that said, this is a budget phone with one of the worst GPS's I've ever had on a smartphone.
#3 tube517, Jun 1, 2016
It shouldn't be. Mine locks pretty quick. Maybe check the battery cover. There is a copper connection to the GPS and NFC antenna.
#4 MrObvious, Jun 1, 2016
Some of the models of the LG G Stylo hardware is defective. I have a fix that MAY work that I posted over at XDA. (http://forum.xda-developers.com/and...ogps-woes-look-hereroot-t3263908/post67130066). If you can see If TMO will swap it out with another one. This app can help with the RAM issue: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swapit.expander.de&hl=en
#5 Dolemaine, Jun 3, 2016