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General Lollipop 5.02 for the Tab S 10.5 now available.

Just got done downloading Lollipop 5.02 on my Tab S 10.5.
It's 930+ mb file.



#1 gizmo72163, Mar 23, 2015
Downloading it now.
#2 nicholb, Mar 24, 2015
That's small, 4.4.2 was 1.6GB. I'm still waiting for an Australian version to show up, same as my Note 4 (N910G), seems Australia gets everything last, they must consider us second class citizens or something.

BTW: How does it seem so far ?
#3 rastus26, Mar 24, 2015
Seems to preform well, but I did not have any performance problems with KitKat.

I like the notifications on the lock screen.

I found the Smart Lock settings and set up work and home as trusted places, but it is still locking for me at work. Not sure what I am missing.

I don't like that the sound settings are now gone from the long press of the power button. I used that to go into vibrate mode before meetings.

The fingerprint reader seems a little better. It is not getting as many "not recognized" as before.

I use Nova, but I switched to TW to see if there were any changes. You can now turn off the "My magazine" home screen. I'm still going to use Nova because I like being able to have more icons and use the entire screen.
#4 nicholb, Mar 24, 2015
Yeah, I have it (Lollipop) on my other Note 4 (N910K), I disabled the lockscreen notifications due to privacy concerns, doesn't matter on a tablet near as much as it rarely goes public, so I could see them being handy for it.

The main issue I have with Touchwiz is the wasted space, it'd be nice if they got the hint and made the layout grid configurable.
#5 rastus26, Mar 24, 2015
I got the Smart Lock working for work. This thread had the work around. If you add a second trusted location for the same place it works. I now have two locations for work that are a few feet apart. Neither one works by itself, but it works fine with both of them in.

#6 nicholb, Mar 24, 2015
Yes it was 930.55MB and we'll worth it; however, I hve noticed since the successful download of lollipop 5.0.2 on my tab s the lite menu & back buttons no longer light up during usage. They were working perfectly before the download...iis anyone else experiencing this issue also??? Plz enlightened me
#7 swaggalicious_t, Mar 27, 2015
They are working fine for me. Go to settings/device and look at your "Touch key light duration" setting. Maybe changing that and then changing it back will help.
#8 nicholb, Mar 30, 2015
Thx a lot! I was able to solve the problem @ hand on my on. It was on power saving mode, which shutdown both the back & menu lights. I appreciate your attempting to solve my issue tho. Hve a gr8 day!!!
#9 swaggalicious_t, Apr 2, 2015
I have the SM-T805. Im in the uk and just purchased and still on 4.4.2 no update available.
#10 daz_2000, Apr 2, 2015
The update out right now is for the wifi version SM-T800. The update for the SM-T805 LTE version hasn't been released yet.

Here's the Info for the Lollipop update for the SM-T805
#11 gizmo72163, Apr 2, 2015 Last edited: Apr 2, 2015
I have the SM-T800 purchased in the UK in August 2014 and I am not yet able to get Lollipop.
#12 wunay, Apr 3, 2015
Ive also now switched to a t800, any idea when ota will hit uk?
#13 daz_2000, Apr 7, 2015
SM-T800 UK no update.
#14 MartinS, Apr 15, 2015
Same here u.k SM-T800 and still no update, anyone no why this is.
#15 Disel Vale, Apr 20, 2015
Running 5.0.2 as of now :)
#16 Kaat72, Apr 23, 2015
What country you in Kaat
#17 Disel Vale, Apr 23, 2015
The Netherlands
#18 Kaat72, Apr 23, 2015
Thanks, a still waiting in U.K
#19 Disel Vale, Apr 23, 2015
Check it. It updated 2 hours ago when I did, although it is set to check automagically.
#20 Kaat72, Apr 23, 2015
My Lolipop update has been here "waiting" for at least a month now but I've been hesitant to install it bc of so many problems I've read about with OTHER devices.
Any info/opinions out there about how it's working with the Tab-S 10.5 and if I should go ahead and finally update it? The update was "forced" on my GS-5 and it's running fine but I just wanted some info/opinions before I CHOOSE to install it on my Tab-S
Thanks in advance, JOE
#21 THEJOE29, May 28, 2015
Since Iv'e updated to Lollipop on my Tab S 10.5, I have not personally had any problems with my Tablet. Battery life seems the same. Also seems snappier when scrolling from screen to screen. No problems with any apps. I also wiped cache partition after the update completed.
#22 gizmo72163, May 28, 2015
My tablet has also worked fine since the update.
#23 KenjiSpencer, May 28, 2015
We're still waiting for the update in Oz, damn they're slow. Pretty sure we were the last on the Note 4 (N910G) cycle too.
#24 rastus26, May 29, 2015
The same here on all points, including wiping the cache after the update completed.
#25 Podivin, May 29, 2015