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Support Market enabler not working for UK

I want to download the UK app autotrader. It is available only in the UK market.

I installed Market Enabler, confusingly this did not have a UK operator listed in it's options to change the gsm.sim.operator.numeric code.

Looking at the list on I tried entering a custom code in market enabler and selected the option "Set to these values":

  • 23410 02 United Kingdom
  • 23430 T-Mobile United Kingdom

but neither worked and I still get the same message when trying to install in google play - not available in your market.

My phone is rooted. I am aware of the substitute google play available on xda but I am hoping to use market enabler instead.

Does anyone know if these codes are valid or is their another issue?


#1 boardtc, Jan 28, 2013