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Tips (Metropcs user) Mobile data not working

My wifi works but the mobile data doesn't work at all. I restarted the phone and still nothing. It'll go to 1x to 3G to 1x again and I've turned it on and off over and over. No sucess.

The transmitter lights up and then turns off. The receiver does the same thing too so they don't turn on at the same time but when they do, it's only for a few seconds and then turns off. (it's like it knows I'm going to go on the internet so they turn off as soon as I open up the browser lol)

So with no mobile data working, I can't access the internet or send MMS. Any suggestions?


#1 Sayasugizo, Oct 26, 2012
Has it ever worked? Did you activate it yourself or did the store? If the store take it back. If by you then dial *228 and tell them you activated a 4g phone but aren't getting 4g. I forgot the detail but it's something to do with the sim card.
#2 airtioteclint, Oct 26, 2012
Yes, I activated the phone and got the phone on Wednesday so I never tested to see if it was working until yesterday. I'll call them right now.

Edit: It works now! :)
#3 Sayasugizo, Oct 26, 2012
Glad to hear it. Be sure to hit that thank button. :)
#4 airtioteclint, Oct 26, 2012
I'm have problems with my 4g. It say 4g but when i try to browse the web it say something about cant connect to proxy server. And sometimes it works for a while then stops the work again.

Please help me.....
#5 shavandrew, Oct 28, 2012
I haven't heard that one before. Have you tried putting the phone into airplane mode waiting for a bit then turning back on? This should reset you data connection.

Or another possibility is the tower in your area could be down. Do you have or know anybody else with a metro 4g phone to check?
#6 airtioteclint, Oct 28, 2012
I have the S3 too, and activated it myself also. I also have no 4G anywhere I go. Even in places where I have seen it working on another Metro GS3. I have called Metro twice. The first time they did what he called a reboot. Then the second did the reset with the dialer and NAM info edit. What did you/ they do to fix it? Please help.

Ok. After reading this thread here I called again. The first person hung up on me because I after asking me several times what I meant by "I need to activate my sim card". I called back and the next person said it was already done, but did it again just to satisfy me. And guess what? It worked!!! As soon as she redid it and I rebooted I saw 4G on my screen for the first time!! My speeds arent nothing to brag about at my house. But they are 3 times faster than I had with Sprint and Boost. So Im happy. And to anyone else not getting 4G after you activate your phone read this thread here. And check at then follow these instructions.

First you have to log into your account. Put your mouse on the last tap on the right (MANAGE & PAY). You will see PROFILE. Click on that. You will see 2 items there. 1 will show the your device number which is your phone. 2 will show the ICCID number which is the simcard

Under the Profile section you should see your phone, its IMEI number and your Sim number. If your Sim number isnt there that is most likely your problem. Call Metro and ask them to activate your sim card. If they dont understand try a different person. And if they say it is already active and they verify the number printed on the Sim card, just ask them to please reactivate it again. Thats what I did and I finally have 4G!! Hope this helps someone.
#7 Gam3r 4 Life, Nov 6, 2012
Ever since I upgraded to my new optimus f6 I have had major mobile data problems. I didn't realize it at first but apparently I didn't even have service when I left the store. For 3 days no service. Went to metro store where I postcard purchased the phone and magically the phone worked. Well, it worked long enough for me to leave the parking lot and then it was out again! Ive called twice and went to the store and the idiot that sold me the phone acts like Im crazy. My brother had the same issue with the sim card activation one month when his service was shut off for a couple days. Could this be the sane issue with mine because it worked for about a week and now only wifi again. I run my business on this phone I can't afford to keep losing business. Especially when my other phone worked fine. Should I activate sim again
#8 nicolenigro1984, Jun 4, 2014
Hi everyone I had same problem my Internet would hang sometime work most often not called customer service the did everything network refresh Sim refresh the whole nine nothing work then I notice my phone switched from lte to regular 4G and then it worked at fast speeds I said Humm I found out all you have to do is cut off lte go to mobile networks cut off data then instead of lte/wsmc/GSM auto connect select wsmc/GSM then cut back on mobile data and it worked I had to post been going through this for long time with no answers
#9 andriodhelper83, Dec 16, 2015