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Support Miscellaneous files?

Hi all,

I was looking at how much space I have left on my s4 (16gb on Verizon), and saw that 6.35gb of space is being taken up my miscellaneous files. When I click on it, I have the option of deleting some of the files. I'm not sure what they are though. Some files are titled like an app (like Zedge or handcent) and others are things I don't know like AppGame or aquery. Can someone please explain to me what they are, and if they're safe to delete? Thanks.


#1 CimBa07, Sep 18, 2013
Anything with .temp as the start of it's file name is a temporary file that can be deleted. I would imagine anything else in there are caches for different apps.
#2 dynomot, Sep 18, 2013
Probably not since you don't list them. Some of them may be important and most probably aren't.

If there are any particularly large files or directories, you could list them out for us and we can have a look.

What you could do though is back them up and see what happens if you delete them from the phone.
#3 lotus49, Sep 18, 2013
Good advice. I have done the same thing. The Android file tree can be pretty confusing, if your not sure what your looking at.
#4 itsallgood, Sep 19, 2013
Sorry. I thought the lists between devices would more or less be the same. Here is what is listed and their file size (total 6.35gb):

viber 18.40 mb
.thumbnails 11.85 mb
samsung 2.95 mb
.face 2.77 mb
handcent 1.85 mb
photoeditor 1.49 mb
lazylist 508 kb
data 424 kb
programdata 364 kb*
burstlyimagecache 324 kb
appgame 220 kb
yahoo! 200 kb
zedge 192 kb

(from this point down, it starts saying .00 after the file size, such as 42.00 kb, instead of just 42 kb. Not sure if that matters or not)

application 68 kb
myboy 68 kb
.mmsyscache 64 kb
allshareplaylog 44 kb
iconrecv 40 kb*
media 40 kb
amazonmp3 32 kb
.polarisoffice5 32 kb
beam 32 kb
shareshot 20 kb
appdrawer 20 kb
aquery 20 kb
AI Factory Stats 12 kb
obb 8 kb
documents 8 kb
smemo 8 kb
sbeamshare 8 kb
indi 8 kb
audible 8 kb
.clipboard 8 kb
bluetooth 8 kb
snapchat 8 kb*
wdh_update 8 kb*
.avg 84 B
.aid.bak 80 B
.profig.os 36 B

The * means that there is no option to select and delete it.

It was also suggested to back up the files and delete to try it out. I'm not sure how to do that. How do I go about doing it?

#5 CimBa07, Sep 19, 2013
Most of those are app related but you are clearly missing something. That lot doesn't add up to even a tiny fraction of the 6.35GB you refer to. I haven't actually added them up but the largest is only 18MB and most of them are absolutely tiny. I would guess that the total size of the files you list above is a lot less than 100MB so there is another 6.25 (ish) GB unaccounted for.

Even if you were to delete all of these, you wouldn't notice any material increase in free space.

Try using a tool like DiskUsage to analyze the disk and find out what is really taking up the space.
#6 lotus49, Sep 19, 2013
Yeah, I noticed that, but that's what it says. I was hoping you android guru's would be able to explain that to me. Could it be the OS and what not that's taking up that space and just isn't listed? Using DiskUsage, apps take 1994 mb, media 482 mb, system data and 346 mb. Everything else is free space. Nothing being used is over a gig besides the combined usage of apps.
#7 CimBa07, Sep 19, 2013
What I have been reading is that it's all just a bunch of bloat ware that cannot be removed the official statement for a woman at Verizon says that you should just get a 64GB SD card. It's all stuff that was put on it before you even turned your phone on for the first time...
#8 supaschupp, Dec 28, 2013
I am having the same issue with my S4 -- if you look under Miscellaneous the files barely add up to 100Meg no the 6.9gig.

If you run DiskUsage -- it shows that out of 9.8G(shouldn't it show 16G?) 7.4G is under System Data but I cant get any info on that.

I even tried a custom Rom Wicked and it still shows the problem.
#9 norbheindl, Jan 24, 2014
It could be your nandroid backups. If you have them stored on the phone and not the SD they will under Misc files. They take up quite a bit of space. Especially if you have more than 1 on the phone.
#10 minpinbud, Jan 26, 2014
I assume that the op is looking at settings / more / storage ... where the 16GB is broken down. Attached is how mine breaks down. Misc is a lot less than 6GB on mine (my misc is 1.2GB including 491MB thumbnails (!), 265MB of my own personal files I placed in a directory, 132MB for Osmand map program). All stuff that makes sense except maybe the thumbnails. And mine also ads up to the 1.2gb. So I don't think it's the built-in bloatware. Something else... most likely one huge file or directory. Odd that it doesn't show up with DiskUsage...

I'm vaguely remembering hearing on the forum that someone had a lot of data tied up on the storage due to some backup selection they made during phone setup. I'll see if I can find the link..
#11 electricpete, Jan 26, 2014
Here is a thread somewhat similar:
Samsung Galaxy S4 running out of storage space!!! - Android Forums at
#12 electricpete, Jan 26, 2014
i am also having same problem. on my mobile(moto g) .2 GB miscellaneous file is there.
File name AdlQuity-sample-log.txt. can i delete this one?
#13 Raiju, May 14, 2014
I don't think you are having the same problem. 0.2GB really isn't all that much. The OP had 30 times that much in miscellaneous files.

You can delete that file but I'm guessing it is absolutely tiny and you won't see any difference. If you really are running out of space, I repeat my recommendation above that you should try DiskUsage or a similar tool. That way you will get a proper breakdown of what is really taking up the space. Whatever it is, I'd bet money that it's not a file that ends in .txt.
#14 lotus49, May 14, 2014
File size is 2gb.anyway I deleted that file.thank you very much for the quick response
#15 Raiju, May 14, 2014
Hello. I have a Samsung Galaxy Reverb and I have been wondering about the miscellaneous files as well. Are these just backed up files that have been saved to the phone instead of the SD card? My miscellaneous file size is 610MB and this is whats listed:

TitaniumBackup 516MB
Autodesk 55.59MB
zedge 17.11MB
.b3da19c.spk 7.70MB
.mmsyscache 5.70MB
SMSBackupRestore 3.69MB
MusicDownloads 3.08MB
yahoo 468KB
Yahoo! 344KB
TMemo 196KB
piebackup 80.00KB
roidapp 72.00KB
LazyList 44.00KB
.youversion 12.00KB
clockworkmod 8.00KB
media 8.00KB 8.00KB
DIS 4.00KB
0 4.00KB
Screencast.log 3.65KB
.06ba141d-a652-464b- 80.00B
.aid.bak 80.00B

I also have a bunch more that are 0.00B

So, idk what to do with these files. I don't want to delete them in case they are something important. But, if they are nothing then I will delete them and free up more space.
#16 sxyrblktty, May 24, 2014
You know what? I took a chance. I read this whole thread, and thought, "heck, how much can I really lose that matters?" So, I deleted all my misc files. Nothing happened to my phone! I deleted what was given to me as an option to delete, and everything else on my phone is there. I am convinced it is only junk files needed at one time for apps. I'm totally cleaning these files from now on. Also, I recently deleted my Facebook app, and just use a browser with a bookmarked Facebook tab. It made my phone much much faster, and I don't need a separate Facebook Messenger app as well, as on the browser u can use Messenger as if u were on ur desktop! Just a tip!
#17 Xianstar, Dec 1, 2014
I have Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and i had same problem (3.5 GB of Miscellaneous files), after talking with Samsung support service, they told me to move all impotant info to SD card or any other place and reset phone. I know that its booring to get all u had back but at least it works. When i turned my device back on i had just 100 mb of Miscellaneous files.
Hope it helps :)
#18 Stepan_The_Lord, Dec 6, 2014
Hey i got the same thing 4.23 Gb Of Miscanellneous Files So To Get Rid Of This I Have To Todo A Factory Reset
="Stepan_The_Lord, post: 6812089, member: 1775719"]Hi
I have Samsung Galaxy S4 mini and i had same problem (3.5 GB of Miscellaneous files), after talking with Samsung support service, they told me to move all impotant info to SD card or any other place and reset phone. I know that its booring to get all u had back but at least it works. When i turned my device back on i had just 100 mb of Miscellaneous files.
Hope it helps :)[/QUOTE]
#19 TyriCrudup95, May 16, 2015
Hi everyone! I want to ask, is anyone noticing the fact that when you clear caches, your misc file size goes up? Or is it just me? Because I once cleared my caches, and seen the misc file spike up in size, so I just need to know if I'm taking too much pills, or this phone is f***ing with me.

Also does anyone know other solutions to clear your misc files either than resting your phone, or searching for a file that takes up the space? Because none of those worked, and I don't have a SD card, so I can't increase my storage size or see what the problem is.

Thank you.
#20 A Name, Jun 27, 2015
Hi everyone!I have a problem.My cellphone is Galaxy S3 Neo that I have updated it to kitkat.Now when I uninstall a game that has data, the game data(obb files)goes to the miscellaneous files and I cant find and delete it.So it just takes up so much space.But when I restart my phone(simple restart), the problem is solved.Can you show me a way that without restart my phone I can delete those files?(remember: I cant see the files but they take up space)
Thank you
#21 Moein shariatnia, Jun 28, 2015
Has anyone found a solution? This has to be a bug in lollipop with this phone. I have 2 of these phones on my acct, both with the same issue. 6.34GB of miscellaneous files and only a few MB of listed files. A friend has the exact same problem, same phone.

No disk tool has been able to find what files are hiding, I've tried half a dozen of the best ones.
#22 dirkdaring, Jul 17, 2015
Same thing happened to mine; after I cleared some caches, my misc file went UP!! That's just bassackwards! ETA and it still says 'not enough space' when I try to open Gallery!
#23 imsodizzy1, Oct 29, 2015 Last edited: Oct 29, 2015
Might pay to read this before doing a Delete. Neil.
Further to this, I would advise the purchase of a Micro SD card to transfer Music and Photos to as they seem to take the space. 16GB's Internal storage is quite large. Remember early PC's only had 5GB's or less!!!
Here's another link on Cleaning Files out.
#24 nu2andy, Oct 29, 2015 Last edited: Oct 30, 2015
I found the problem or "hidden" files on my S5. I used cm cleaner and it showed me I had 3 gigs under rdio. I guess rdio was downloading to my device and not my sd card. I had the same issue with only having my files add up to a couple hundred mb under miscellaneous but the device showed 4gigs. I deleted the 3 gigs from rdio using the cm cleaner and my misc files went down to under 1 gig. It also cleaned up another gig of random data. I'd recommend checking that out. Worked for me.
#25 Gdub84, Dec 12, 2015