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Support Missing app icons after reboot...

Kinda puzzled..
Every time i power down the phone and power it back on there are about 12-15 app icons that are missing. The apps themselves are still there just the icon is missing letting me which icon is which. The only thing that is there is the little default android icon. Any idea's?

Also, i have a folder that contains my games which will not open. I have three other folders and it always is the games folder. This doesn't happen on reboot.
It just happens alot.... and i have to make a new folder and shortcuts.
Any ideas?

I am not rooted. Running froyo.


#1 savinoboy, Feb 23, 2011
I am also having this problem with a Desire HD
#2 Hogzy, Mar 7, 2011
I would suggest trying a battery pull reset. Power down your phone... after it's completely shut down.. open the back and pull the battery out for a few seconds.
Replace the battery and back and power back up. This "hard" reboot will often fix problems like you are experiencing. The phone is a little pc and a good cleaning sometimes it the medicine. If the problem persists, I'd be taking the device back to verizon.
#3 olbriar, Mar 7, 2011
I also have the same issue. It is usually the same apps icons that disappear, but not always. (3rd screen only for me though)

Whether the battery is removed of not seems to make no difference

Samsung Galaxy S / Android 2.2
#4 ncoda, Mar 10, 2011
As far as i know, that hapens only with apps instaled on SD and there is no solution.

Sorry abaut my english
#5 Iztok67, Mar 12, 2011
In the last two days myself and a coworker both lost mutiple apps on our dincs after a lockup/reboot. He lost pretty much all of his, I lost about half of mine. The icons reverted to generic Droid logos and I got "app not installed" messages for all those with the generic icons. Additionally several apps which appeared fine and which would begin to open would then throw "Force Close" errors.

After reinstalling all that I wanted to keep I seem to be okay for now but I have no idea whether it was an update or an SD card misfire or what.
#6 rajputsmurf, Mar 16, 2011
Are you guys using a different launcher than the stock one?
If the missing icons are for apps installed on the SD card, it's probably because when you reboot, the launcher restarts before the SD card apps get mounted.
To fix it, just kill the launcher:
Settings/Applications/Manage Applications/(your launcher)/Force stop.
Also, you should "clear defaults" (on that same page).

Close the settings app.
Clicking the HOME button should ask what launcher to use.
Choose the one you prefer/installed.

The icons should now all show up.
#7 brightcell, May 27, 2011
Had the exact same issue described here in the forums. We use Office365 to host our Exchange services. For Windows based phones, the direct Exchange server address works ( However, for iPhone and Andriod phones, we have to use the SMTP server address. The SMTP server address provides full Exchange functionality with push (despite it being labeled as an SMTP server). MSFT has stated that this server serves as an alternate Exchange server specifically for non-MSFT phones. Anyway, it works for us as well. Try it.
#8 epsilon212, Jun 14, 2011
figured it out! i had the same problem with my new Sensations 4G (so its not just you...)

~simply go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>Move to phone/SD

doing this will move your downloaded apps to your phone..if you dont have enough space on your phone, move apps back to your SD card

for whatever reason, doing this simple action fixes apps from reverting to the default picture (in my case it was the market pic)
#9 McShAkE_EviL, Aug 6, 2011
Works for me, thanks for the tip, McShAkE_EviL.
#10 colinsjones, Aug 19, 2011
In my case, the apps do not disapear or loose their default picture. I "reorganize" the apps in different pages to have the one I need the most in one page. I make sure I save the changes. After a reboot, the apps go back to where they were before.
Any idea how to fix that?
#11 ekatow, Aug 30, 2011
I had the same loss of App icons - they default to the Android one, although the App still loads - and agree that the issue appears related to moving Apps to the SD card. As someone on the forum suggested the icon is probably stored on the SD card and this is not mounted in time upon reboot.
I note in passing that I have only recently experienced this problem so the likely suspects are either, upgrading OS to 2.3, or to the new version of App2sd.

Solution / workaround
Restore your screen icons and save the Scene (<menu><scenes>). If you loose the icons on next reboot just restore the saved Scene to recover the icons.

Works for me with an HTC Desire running Android 2.3.
#12 oliverjames, Sep 5, 2011
Had the same problem. This works, at least on the original HTC Droid Incredible. Go into settings/applications/ all. Find HTC Sense and force close. Nothing bad happens. Then run HTC Sense again and all the icons reappear.
#13 Carl0731, Feb 16, 2012
Yes, restarting HTC Sense is the best solution.

Thank you.:):):):):):):)
#14 GeoffJ, Apr 7, 2012
Switching theme might also help. I have two identical themes to switch between, because the stupid phone thinks it is so clever that it doesn't need to re-load the already loaded theme. Someone at HTC apparently had too much to think...

Also, if I restart my phone with it plugged into a computer, all icons for apps stored on the SD revert to the stock Android icon, and the apps get missing. And this is not fixed by unplugging the phone, it has to be re-booted.

And a similar thing, the HTC Sense weather app now and then refuses to update itself to show any weather. This is also fixed by a change of theme, as above.
#15 OppfinnarJocke, Apr 26, 2012