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This is a new app that helps you find the movie YOU want to see.

(This app is ad-free, and the only reason it asks for internet permissions is because you can click the results to go to imdb).

It lets you answer a few questions and then gives you movie suggestions based on your answers.

Stop asking your friends to suggest movies for you, you know what movies you want to see and this app lets you find them!

It covers everything from splatter to romance.

The QR-code below takes you to the page, and not directly to a download, so feel free to check it out, and remember to grade/comment!



#1 keyser5053, Mar 11, 2011
<--- checking out now
#2 goodm0urning, Mar 12, 2011
ooooh, it's not free. I'll check it when a lite version comes out.
#3 goodm0urning, Mar 12, 2011
Even if it is paid, you still have 15 minutes grace period to test out. This is set by Google and not we developers which used to be 1 hour.

Take a look at close to 90% of free apps out there require Full Internet Access even for those app which don't require that access logically. Reason is because free app comes with ads where the developer derive their revenue from. You install for free but the developer get their takes from the ads companies.

So a truly free app is when the Permissions is NONE or those that don't need any internet access control.
#4 sohguanh, Mar 13, 2011
testing out now, always happy to help fellow devs

works fairly well...could use a more polished UI but its good non the less....i found a movie i havent seen yet which is pretty cool
#5 MarcMaiden, Mar 13, 2011
This app has NO ADVERTISING!

The internet access thing is actually something I didn't know if I had to put there, because the only reason I have it is because the results are clickable imdb-links, and I can assure you that that's the only reason internet is needed.
#6 keyser5053, Mar 21, 2011
I was thinking of doing a lite version, but as previously mentioned, you can get your money back if you're not satisfied, and I did set the price to the minimum allowed amount (In my country. I've seen cheaper apps, but for some reason, I couldn't go lower).
#7 keyser5053, Mar 21, 2011
Thank you for your feedback. I know the UI isn't at an iphone-level, but since this was my first app I used most of my time getting functionality :)
(Also, I have no experience in creating my own UI's).
I might improve the UI, and even increase the database, some time soon.
#8 keyser5053, Mar 21, 2011