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MXQ Pro 4k box stuck on the MBOX logo

Hi, I have the MXQ Pro 4k box and when I turn it on it gets stuck on the MBOX logo. I tried the tooth pick method multiple and multiple times in the AV input but it still stays on the logo. I can feel the rocker inside the AV input but it does nothing when I press it during the tooth pick method. Is there something I could do on the board to get this working?


#1 yppat, Jan 26, 2017
Possibly the firmware is corrupted or is an actual fault, probably due to poor manufacturing quality. Any chance of returning it?
#2 mikedt, Jan 26, 2017
No as it is one that I bought from a friend. Can I disable anything from the board to reset it?
#3 yppat, Apr 26, 2017