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General My Verizon Data Use Widget on the V20

You must have the Verizon Info app installed, and then look in Widgets for it.
I also enjoy that feature. I suspicion it is the 1st one.

Don't recall which of these two apps it is, download both, and then the Widget should appear in "Widgets"


#2 AZgl1500, Dec 5, 2016
I have the My Verizon app. The widget they provide now is just a link to the actual app. The Infozone app widget is not what I'm looking for either. Thanks anyway though.
#3 Bizkut, Dec 5, 2016
I swear It was on my device when I got it.
#4 Napalm, Dec 6, 2016
Attached is a photo with my current My Verizon widget. I tried activating it and it doesn't work. Any suggestions? December 07, 2016 at 0805AM.png
#5 Bizkut, Dec 7, 2016
Pretty sure this is the widget you are looking for, the left one, the right one is my battery Circle widget

. Data Use Widget.png

In Settings/Applications

it is called "My Info Zone"

yet, in the App Drawer, all I see there is the "My Verizon " icon which opens the app itself.
The Info Zone widget, if touched, does indeed open the full app up.

. Screenshot_2016-12-07-12-20-13[1].png

and here you can easily see that the Info Zone is a separate part of that app as a "Widget"
that is the Widgets screen I am showing here.
#6 AZgl1500, Dec 7, 2016 Last edited: Dec 7, 2016
Yes it is. I can't seem to find that one. The only one available on the My Verizon app offers is the one in my picture.
#7 Bizkut, Dec 7, 2016
i added more screens, back up and look.
#8 AZgl1500, Dec 7, 2016
OH so when you add it to the screen it looks like just the VZ logo - that's probably right.

I remember you have to open it once - let it gather your info and etc and you might even have to log into your account with VZ though it for the first time. I don't remember. but yes you have to open it before it will show the little data graph for an icon.

OH and it's also about 4-8 hours out of sync if you rely on just the graph but it's a nice reminder.
#9 Napalm, Dec 8, 2016
Thank you for the info!
#10 Bizkut, Dec 8, 2016
If i get worried about being at the edge, i click on the icon and open the app up, that is "real time".

I once pushed it to within 10 mB of going over the edge.... I had about 4 hours left on my cycle to reset it, so I just opened up my Kindle and read a book.... cheaper than upgrading the data plan.
#11 AZgl1500, Dec 8, 2016
The data use widget just decided to start working this morning almost 2 weeks after I bought the phone.
#12 Bizkut, Dec 15, 2016