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Support Nexus 5 randomly Powering off possibly Lollipop issue

Hello all.

So every since I updated to Lollipop my Nexus 5 has been powering off randomly. I've already factory reset 3 times and cleared the caches 3 times and the issue did not go away. I ran it on safe mode last night and the phone did not power off, however since the powering off is so random I'm not convinced its an app that is causing problems.

Finally today I decided to do another factory reset with no apps installed. I was hoping that maybe the powering off would stop but even with no apps installed it was randomly shutting off.

My phone is out of warranty (since Nov 6th) so when I called Google they said they will not send a replacement phone but said I could send it into LG for repairs at my expense. The customer service representative at Google did tell me that it is "not unusual" for phones to have issues with new updates.

Against CSR recommendation I may go back to Kitkat since I really don't have anything to lose. Meanwhile other than to run it in safe mode again and sit and wait to see if it randomly shuts off again or to go back to Kitkat does anybody have any tips or solutions that will help me determine how I can get my Nexus 5 functioning normally again.

BTW, I did take the phone apart to see if the power switch was dirty and I carefully cleaned it up even though it wasn't. Also the phone randomly power off either when its in sleep mode or when I am using it normally (for example I do not have my fingers on or near the power button).

At this point I am not sure if it is a software or hardware issue (hopefully software).

Thanks in advance to all your help.




#1 lukester24, Dec 4, 2014
***Update*** I just had it randomly power off during safe mode. So I'm fairly certain its not an issue with the apps.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated.

#2 lukester24, Dec 4, 2014
Does this issue happen while the phone is plugged into a power source?
#3 jhawkkw, Dec 4, 2014
Thanks for your response, Jhawkkw.

It happens whether being plugged in or being unplugged. So I do not believe that is the issue. I did read online that others had have issues with it powering off because of "busted battery cell."

The battery had no issues though. When Lollipop updated it would last for about 5 hours but then when I did a factory reset it went back to roughly 24 hours with moderate use. So I am not convinced it's the battery either but it's not going to put a dent into my piggy bank so it might be worth putting in a new battery.

***Update*** I made a visually check of the battery and nothing appears to be wrong with it (no swelling). I still might just change it out. If I find a solution I will keep this updated.
#4 lukester24, Dec 4, 2014 Last edited: Dec 4, 2014
I have the same issue. I think it's something to do with software and is hopefully fixed in 5.0.1
#5 GuitarG20, Dec 4, 2014
GuitarG20, if you bought your Nexus 5 less than 1 year ago from Google Play then I would recommend that you call them (1-855-83-Nexus). They should be able to send you another unit and if that new unit works without issues then they'll just have you return your old phone. Unfortunately mine had just fell outside the warranty period.

Like you, I also think it is a software issue or at least hoping it is one. My phone will work fine for a few hours then start acting up again. Very frustrating. I already taken out the battery so it's not difficult but you have to be careful otherwise you'll end up breaking stuff. It's likely I'll order a new battery within the next week or two even though I really don't think that is the cause of the problem.

To be honest I'm pretty disappointed that Google wasn't a little more helpful but I kind of expected that since I bought it when it first came out. The CSR did mention I should look at the Nexus 6 but based on the dimension and price I'd probably take a serious look at Samsung, Iphone or something else.
#6 lukester24, Dec 4, 2014 Last edited: Dec 5, 2014
***Solved (I think)***

Good News! I had my brother install kitkat 4.4.4 back onto my phone. So far the phone has not shut off by itself and everything seems fine. As long as the phone does not power off again I will wait until Lollipop 5.0.1 rolls out to the Nexus 5 before I do a system update.

#7 lukester24, Dec 6, 2014 Last edited: Dec 6, 2014
I'm using 5.01 and my phone just started powering off. Is this an issue still? I may factory reset. I don't want to though if I can avoid it.
#8 SDchris, Jan 22, 2015
My unit is brand new off a RMA that I already did to try and fix the issue so it's not that.

Yes as of right now it's still an issue for me at least
#9 GuitarG20, Jan 22, 2015
I don't think it's a general 5.0.1 issue. I haven't had any issues since upgrading to 5.0.1. I started clean though. I used wugfresh to flash the factory image (wiping everything, including internal storage) and then as suggested performing a factory reset. Been so smooth and had amazing battery life. Will be checking out the new dirty unicorns tomorrow though when I get a chance.
#10 Brian706, Jan 23, 2015
having the same issue and i think we have dodgy power buttons. Since using Gravity screen to turn on/off the screen, I havent had the phone turn off or restart.
#11 Omar Days, Jan 23, 2015
This happened on my girlfriend's Nexus 5 as well on both 5.0 and 5.0.1, even when on the fastboot screen. I think it might be a hardware issue and the flaky power button sounds like a real possibility.
#12 jhawkkw, Jan 23, 2015
If it is, it has to be widespread since all 4 other people who have a N5 that I know also are having this issue. Which is why I think it's software.
#13 GuitarG20, Jan 23, 2015
Hi all
I have the same issue with my nexus 5. I switched out the battery today with another genuine one, and the problem isn't solved. Any ideas on what it could be? I am also out of warranty so sending it off is out of the question. Im running 4.4.4, was updated to most current but reversed the update while troubleshooting the problem. Thanks in advance.
#14 helen m, Feb 22, 2015
Download gravity screen. It's an app that wakes the phone without the need to use the power button. Give it a try, and if your phone doesn't randomly power off anymore then you know it's a hardware issue, most probably the power button.

I've been using that app for a couple months now because my phone kept shutting down.
#15 Omar Days, Feb 22, 2015
So this has been happening to me every 3-5 hours for the past three days, and now I can't even turn it on! Please help. I don't want to factory reset, I have thousands of photos I want to save.
#16 Pony2257, Apr 7, 2015
Same here now on the gf nexus 5. I'll also try the gravity screen app and report back
#17 battletrunk, Apr 11, 2015
Hi Guys this is Prashanth from India. I have been suffering from this random power off issue. After seeing all your posts I visited a lg authorized service center. They said Nexus 5 has some issues and they received such complaints before. He said it may be software issue but after thoroughly checking my ph he said the power button is gone and that I need to replace the entire mother board. It would cost around 7500. I had already replaced my screen for 8500 just last month so I asked him some other option. He suggested me to go to a normal mobile service center. I went there and got my power button replaced for rs 800 only. About 14 dollars. Now I don't have any problem. Just wanted to share this info
#18 prashanthbrk, Apr 20, 2015
Think it's safe to say this is a hardware issue, as I thought all along
#19 Omar Days, Apr 21, 2015
I'm having this issue as well: Nexus 5 randomly shuts down (instant power off). Tried all the software remedies to no avail: wiped cache, then factory reset, both several times. So if it's the power button as Prashanth says, is the power button shorting out and causing the shutdowns?

By the way, my power off issue only happens when I'm not connected to charger.

#20 Jimbo88, Apr 22, 2015
Guys...this was happening to me to the point that I was going to get a new phone. I installed the Gravity App like someone suggested and it does not happen anymore. I basically never turn the phone off which is kind of weird but it beats going out and spending money on another phone. It seems like it's the start button but the app makes it that you can get around it. Install the app before buying another phone!!!
#21 kebwoo, Apr 30, 2015
Well, I already went out and bought a new phone, intending to sell the N5 on ebay. However, I'll try the Gravity app and see if that works.
#22 Jimbo88, Apr 30, 2015
I've set the app where it doesn't drain too much battery. To achieve this, I've set it so it only uses the proximity sensor, and not by motion. Seems to use a lot of battery if it wakes by motion. And also it's more logical to have screen woken by proximity sensor only, because every time you pick up your phone you don't necessarily want to use it/have the screen wake up. I just place my thumb over the top corner of the phone, and it's like having a capacitive power button.

And one last thing, place a screen lock widget on your homescreen if you haven't done so already. Makes life much easier with this broken power button.
#23 Omar Days, Apr 30, 2015
Hi Prashanth, Which city in India are you at? If Bangalore, please let me know the name of the repair shop you went to. I am having the same problem:(... Thanks
#24 Parthanu, May 12, 2015
Keep your Device's sllep time and screen lock time to the maximum and try.It is working for me.
#25 prady29, May 15, 2015