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General Replacement SIM tray for Nexus 6p


I'm currently doing some testing between Verizon Wireless and Google Fi. This means I'm popping the SIM tray out more frequently than most people would to swap SIMs.

Given how flimsy this tray is, I'm concerned that at some point I may break it. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement tray for the Nexus 6p? This is the tray that the SIM itself sits in. I've already contacted Huawei (very surprisingly) they don't sell this tray separately.




#1 hikerguy, Mar 4, 2016
Hi Andy,

Your best bet would be to check with some of the various proprietors of replacement parts for cell phones. I found two that claim to carry the part: ($59.99? is it made by Monster??) ($5.90)

I unfortunately can't vouch for either store. Do your own research before ordering, buyer beware and all that.

Hope this at least gives you a place to start looking though. :)
#2 codesplice, Mar 14, 2016
Thanks for that info. That first company is out of their mind. Who would pay that much for a piece of plastic? I ended up finding a 3D file off Github for a dual-tray SIM tray for $12. I'll let you know how that works out. If you're interested, the file can be found here (the file you would need to provide to a 3D print shop is the .stl file):
#3 hikerguy, Mar 16, 2016
Do let us know how it works out! I had seen some folks complain about another 3D printed tray that it was a bit brittle and broke inside the phone... I'm sure that likely depends on what type of filament is used though. Just be careful!
#4 codesplice, Mar 16, 2016
Well, so much for the dual SIM tray that was 3D printed. I had them print with a material called PLA, and the tray looked pretty flimsy. For grins, I tried to see if it would fit, and it would NOT fit. Guess it's back to the drawing board and just buying a single SIM tray.
#5 hikerguy, Mar 25, 2016