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Root Root Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge?

Hi all,

After finally making the decision to root my Verizon Galaxy S6 Edge, I don't seem to be able to find any known working root for the Verizon version. Anyone know of one? I'm willing to take some risks, as I have already done one factory reset without incident.




#1 smalltalkdan, Apr 27, 2015
None at this time.
#2 iowabowtech, Apr 28, 2015
Hey, I went ahead and moved this to the s6 edge root section where you'll be more likely to get a reply if/when root becomes available for your device!
#3 Brian706, Apr 28, 2015
I would look over at XDA there is a few threads about rooting the
S6/S6E. The one that I have used on my S6 edge, was ping-pong root. It works great! But, as said before, take a look at XDA.
#4 vegasdroid, Jun 7, 2015
Thanks for doing that! Sorry I didn't reply earlier; for some reason I didn't receive notification of a reply.

#5 smalltalkdan, Jun 8, 2015
Thanks; I'll have a look at XDA. The last time I looked, there wasn't anything completed/tested.

I've heard good things about pingpong root - my only question is updates. (disclaimer: while I'm reasonably technical, I'm not so much when it comes to phones) I know OTA updates will no longer work if I use pingpong. Am I stuck on the current version if I root?

Also please note that I'm on Verizon - what carrier are you on?

#6 smalltalkdan, Jun 8, 2015
I am also on Verizon.

You are correct, about not being able to receive OTA'S once rooted. Have you received the latest OTA? (it was a small update). If so, I think that ping-pong has, or is in the process of being updated to work with the new OTA. I rooted before the OTA. So, I'll have to flash a ROM that has the update. You can find everything you need over at XDA.
#7 vegasdroid, Jun 8, 2015
#8 smalltalkdan, Jun 8, 2015
Yes, I have already received the latest OTA, about 5 days ago.

Remembering that I have almost zero experience with phones: when you say "I'll have to flash a ROM that has the update," you mean that any time there's an OTA, assuming I want it, I'll have to download an image (?) and flash the ROM in my phone? Can you point me to resources to learn more about this? (looking over at XDA now)
#9 smalltalkdan, Jun 8, 2015
Were you able to find out anything over at XDA?
#10 vegasdroid, Jun 9, 2015
PingPong root method, has been updated to work with the newest OTA on Verizon! I have the newest version of the OTA and rooted! I would look at the PingPong thread over at XDA!
#11 vegasdroid, Jun 10, 2015

That's in the s6 forum but I confirm it works with the edge as I used the same method after the latest OTA.
#12 DragonSlayer95, Jun 10, 2015