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General Smart Switch vs KIES

Connected my S5 into KIES today to my PC ... and got message that I should download Smart Switch.

Does this replace KIES ? or is it just a tool for data import ?


#1 sargan, Apr 12, 2015
Hi, I think it's an app to automatically switch between data and Wi-Fi. Phil
#2 philayl, Apr 13, 2015
Umm, not quite.

Smart Switch allows you to copy all of your apps and data from another phone to your new phone.

Samsung Smart Switch™ seamlessly transfers contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more to your Samsung Galaxy® device.

Another neat Samsung app is Side Sync, that one will allow you to control your phone from your PC providing you can unlock the screen on your phone.
* SideSync 3.0 - Android Apps on Google Play

Kies 3.0 will store the current Operating System plus any of the other things that you authorize to your PC. I highly suggest that you do not backup pictures or movies with Kies.... it is way to clunky, and their file management is back in the Old Testament days.

Super Backup is my favorite backup app because it is so versatile, allows you to send a backup to multiple destinations in addition to making the 1st backup on the extSDcard.
* Super Backup : SMS & Contacts - Android Apps on Google Play
#3 AZgl1500, Apr 13, 2015
Looks like Kies 3 is dead to us. If you try and link in your lollipop S5, S6, S6 edge to Kies here is what you get: – Capture.JPG
#4 Snakeyeskm, Apr 13, 2015
Ah well AZgl, there you go, I should have asked the wife, she knows everything! Phil
#5 philayl, Apr 13, 2015
that's alrighta, I was just informed by SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) that "get out of here, you don't know how to load a dishwasher!!:thinking:

Oh, I can unload it and put the glassware up in the cabinets, but don't let her catch me placing anything in that device :(, I will get my hands slapped. :cool:

I am still hanging onto 4.4.4 by tooth and toenail, so was unaware of the new Kies incompatibility issue with Lollipop. So now I know, and so do the rest of the readers who "just read us" and don't comment.;)
#6 AZgl1500, Apr 13, 2015
It keeps telling me there is an upgrade to Smart Switch whenever I log onto Kies, but I just ignore it and carry on with Kies. Phil
#7 philayl, Apr 14, 2015
Nice! I stand corrected.
#8 Snakeyeskm, Apr 14, 2015
In fact the strange thing is Kies has just told me that there is an upgrade to Kies version 3.2.15041_2, and allowed me to download and install it. Phil
#9 philayl, Apr 14, 2015
When I used Kies yesterday, I got the prompt to download Smart Switch. However, as I saw nothing that indicated Smart Switch would duplicate all the functions of Kies, I decided to just stick with Kies for now, and I downloaded its newest version and made a new backup of my S5's data.
#10 Lilybell2, Apr 14, 2015
Smart Switch is not going to back up the phone.....

Stick with Kies to make backup copies of the phone's operating system.
#11 AZgl1500, Apr 15, 2015
Exactly my impression as well. Although the pop-up message to download Smart Switch can make it appear that it's the new and improved method for backing up your data, the real purpose of Smart Switch is to move your data from your old phone over to your new phone, thus making the switch from one device to another easier.
#12 Lilybell2, Apr 15, 2015
Actually, some people won't be able to use Kies anymore because of what Lilybel2 said -- you'll get a popup that says to use Smart Switch.

The notice says "Kies has now been upgraded to Smart Switch. The easiest way to save my data and movie it to a new device! Try the new Smart Switch."
#13 AndroidProf, Apr 27, 2015

actually, even though the popup message occurs, according to Lilybell2, you can ignore that and use the upgraded Kies...
#14 AZgl1500, Apr 27, 2015
Reading this page, about half way down, it does talk about using Smart Switch for backing up and restoring data:

I will continue using Kies 3 because it's worked so well for me when I've done a factory reset. If anyone successfully uses Smart Switch for a backup and restore, please share your thoughts on the results.
#15 Lilybell2, Apr 27, 2015
I just installed Smart Switch on my S5 and did not see any way to "Backup Data to my PC", so I uninstalled it.

I will stick with Kies, something that has always worked.
I ignored the popup window and clicked the box Do Not Show This Again.

I also ignored the Kies Upgrade notice as it specifically talked about being compatible with Lollipop.......... uh, no, that is not going to happen.

Kies then showed me that Verizon has an OC7 version of firmware for me, do I want that? Uh, no, bye bye Kies...... and I exited it....

I am leaving 4.4.4 alone as it does everything that my phone needs to do.
Piss on pastel colors and a jaked up phone.
2 ea. Verizon Galaxy S5, 4.4.4 forever!, ART
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MacroDroid can help extend battery life
MacroDroid senses Screen off, turns Wifi & Data OFF
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PureVPN when using a public WiFi
#16 AZgl1500, Apr 27, 2015
Like Kies, for backups, you're supposed to install it on your computer. They have a download for Windows Computers and for Macs. I'm just guessing, but that might be why you didn't see an option for backup and restore.

I hope Verizon gets their version of Lollipop working properly, although I've heard their latest version is supposed to be working very well, and Lollipop does have some nice features. I know, I know, AZgl1500, you just don't want your phone to be seen in those fancy pastel colors. [​IMG]
#17 Lilybell2, Apr 27, 2015
yep, my phone would cringe in its' drawers if it was seen behind pastel curtains [​IMG]
#18 AZgl1500, Apr 27, 2015
I knew it! [​IMG]
#19 Lilybell2, Apr 28, 2015
My popup was in Korean. When I asked Samsung about it, they said that SmartSwitch replaces Kies.
I couldn't find anything in Kies 3.2 about backing up or restoring the OS, just the data.
When I restored from Kies after a factory reset, I was disappointed by how much I had to reconfigure.
It seems that Kies backs up hardly any configuration data.
#20 rsbrux, May 5, 2015
yes it does back up ur phone...just not in a TWRP or CWM way. BTW...anyone know where SmartSwitch stores the downloaded firmware on the PC?
#21 samdnel, Jun 8, 2015
I used Smart Switch to send data from my S3 to my S5 when I first got the S5. If someone out there has used it to transfer files, let me know. Until then, I'll keep using Kies. I regularly transfer movies and music from my Mac.
#22 camerams, Jun 18, 2015
Smart Switch I find is much faster than Kies with no bloat and does whats it's designed to do which it to back up your phone. You can change what's to be backed up by pressing the more button on the top right hand corner.
As for the (Switch) Versus (Backup) up I'm assuming it's auto upon plugging your phone in. I upgraded for an s2 to s5 but wanted a clean install so deleted my previous backups done with Kies and when I first ran Smart Switch the menu options were for switching and transferring phones and I was like WTF,, there's data backup etc and showed nothing on the menu I wanted to do and was going to uninstall but decided to plug my phone in anyway to see what would happen. The program instantly registered my phone and because I had deleted all old backups it the Option menu to Switch was replaced with one to preform Backups.
Those Liking and Wanting the features of Kies with the ability to move files about and see what you have are not going to be happy with Smart Switch though since it has none of that. Backup, Software Updates and the ability to reinstall Drives, Emergence recovery, and of course Switch phones in a snap with all your files etc.
#23 Endgame, Jun 27, 2015
The problem with Smart Switch is that, unlike Kies, you cannot use it to transfer data to and from your device. You're correct. I am not happy. Kies was bad, but this is much worse.
#24 camerams, Jun 27, 2015
Given how poor Kies 3 is at restoring configuration settings, I am wondering if SmartSwitch does any better.
Have you used it for a restore after a factory reset, or for a transfer to a new phone? If so, how much did you have to reconfigure by hand?
#25 rsbrux, Sep 14, 2015