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Tips Tip: How to put videos on your android phone

Lets say you like a video online or want to download a movie without downloading from torrent site. I made video on how to do so... i used YouTube as my way of showing how to do it but if you Want to do another site it works the same (like putlocker for movies).

How to Download any video off the internet and Put on your Android Phone (I use ZTE Warp) - YouTube


#1 GamingForever, Nov 30, 2011
Thanks so much! Very helpful.
#2 elmoosh, Nov 30, 2011
Question: If you want to download a full movie (about 2 hours) from YouTube Movies, how long should it load before you click on the ant.com add-on button to copy the file? I waited a couple minutes and it said the file was only 2.4mb and I know that's wrong. Do I have to play the whole thing through for it to load enough to copy?
#3 elmoosh, Nov 30, 2011
are you able to download torrents on utorrent via piratebay with warp?
#4 Paul Nerd, Nov 30, 2011
I have never tested movies from YouTube... I'll do a test later....

I did test a 2 hour movie from put locker and loaded it for a second and it downloaded the whole thing... I'm on my phone right now so i can't test it.
#5 GamingForever, Nov 30, 2011
Which movie were you trying to download? I was able to get the full movie from youtube movies for this movie
Soccer Mom - YouTube
#6 GamingForever, Nov 30, 2011
It was Stepbrothers which was also through YouTube. I'll try to do it later after letting it load just a couple seconds like you said. Did you get a larger memory card for your Warp or are you using the 2gb one that came with it?
#7 elmoosh, Nov 30, 2011
2cb... movies are usually less than a gb.
#8 GamingForever, Nov 30, 2011
I use Allavsoft to download putlocker from porn video sharing sites like Xnxx, Youporn, Xvideo, Redtube, Xhamster, Pornhub etc.

Here is the step by step guide at http://www.allavsoft.com/how-to/putlocker-downloader-to-download-putlocker-videos.html
#9 freefulltime, Oct 14, 2015