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Root TWRP Recovery And Root - Samsung Galaxy J3 SM-J320P

Please see thread here :

Important Note : This is for the Sprint variants (Sprint,Boost,Virgin Mobile USA) of the Samsung Galaxy J3. It will not work on any other J3. The U.S. Cellular J3 will boot loop,possibly soft brick or at the least fail attempting to install. So don't try.


#1 Curtis1973, Apr 13, 2016 Last edited: May 27, 2016
Thanks for the heads up!

I've just installed twrp and their new perm root. Things are looking up!
#2 lazysean, Apr 19, 2016
SMJ320PABB is the Samsung Galaxy J3 for boostmobile, same as the Virgin mobile, will this TWRP recovery work with it?
#3 coolbeans2015, May 1, 2016
Basically the firmware released for the J3 is meant to work with all Sprint variants of the device that they have on the market like Sprint of course,virgin mobile and boost. So yeah this should work for your boost mobile J3.
#4 Curtis1973, May 2, 2016
Thanks for the reply. I cut my teeth over the last year & 1/2 starting out learning adb/fastboot and sh** with this forum, then XDA. Alot of threads there, even the best ones do not list a phone by exact model #, just carrier if ur lucky! This lets me know I can get a good brand phone, meets basic requirements, and not have to live through another one without TWRP!
Thanks bro!
#5 coolbeans2015, May 2, 2016
I'm on boost. TWRP and root are working the same for me same as everyone else. (Most things work, a few like ES file explorer and Secure Settings do not detect root). I did have to turn on oem unlock in the developer options before flashing, which some others apparently did not.
#6 lazysean, May 2, 2016
Yeah, that linked threads up to 28 pages now, alot of mentions on cfroot's delay and the oem unlock in settings being checked helping. Root is required to do alot of things using apps I do, but 1.9ghz with 2 gb ram & TWRP...... phew, bout time. Went thru two phones having nothing but root, X-U-S !!!!!
#7 coolbeans2015, May 2, 2016
Heh? J3 is only 1.2ghz and 1.5gb ram. Were you also shopping an S4 maybe?
#8 lazysean, May 2, 2016
no no no, sorry, was looking at a ZTE Blade but there has been no root found to date, sorry. Double checked, least that proves this Samsung is the same phone, not too many have that/ 1.5gb RAM, but I have used a boost htc one for years that had 1.2ghz/1gb ram before it died and it ran fine. Thanks for the correction! :cool:
#9 coolbeans2015, May 3, 2016
On page 66 of this XDA discussion, there are helpful apk links posted. On page 98, a modded rom called J3 Lite has been posted. It's permissive, de-knoxed, and debloated. Runs great. Calendar Storage was omitted, but can be replaced by the calendar storage apk on page 66. Everything working. A great job by everyone who contributed!
#10 nannycrick, Jan 26, 2017