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Root [Verizon] Rooting Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V

Is it impossible to root the Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900V phone?

1. Manufacturer - Samsung
2. Model - (SM-G900V)
3. Software version - (5.0)
4. Specifics of the problem - rooting
5. Not rooted
6.Kernal Version: 3.4.0



#1 Androiduser4232, Mar 13, 2015
The best place to ask would be our (Verizon) Galaxy S5 - All Things Root sub-forum. I'll move this thread to there, to ensure that it's seen by other VZW S5 users,
#2 Slug, Mar 16, 2015
Thnx slug.
I'd like to mention 5.0 was not installed.
I updated it to 5.0. I nvr paid attenton as to what the stock is.
#3 Androiduser4232, Mar 19, 2015
I got it rooted. Not what I liked but went back to unrooted 5.0. The version 4.4 is SLOWWWWWWWWW compared to 5.0.

Anyone that is interested.

I downgraded first using below guide.

Then I rooted using following guide.
#4 Androiduser4232, Mar 28, 2015


I followed your second link to root my SM-G900V and after following the first step which I believe was flashing the kernel via ODIN. There are some major issues such as when I was on the home screen and it was slow like it was crashing my phone and I would get errors which I do not know which errors they was. So, I just updated to 5.0 via OTA.

Could anyone please help?
#5 php111, Apr 11, 2015

I am very sorry for bumping my post, but no one is able to help me and respond to my post?
#6 php111, Apr 12, 2015
The slowness and errors you might see like health service warnings etc. Are normal when rooting the device that way. Just run towel root after flashing the root kernel. Then once it says you have root, Open SuperSU, install it and disable Knox.
Then reboot, then go back to download mode and flash the second kernel and all will be well.

I know it says i'm a new member but i root devices for a living for a website.

#7 rootandroideasy, Apr 12, 2015
Thank you so much, James! :)
#8 php111, Apr 12, 2015
I need to root my SG5....I'm not tech to walk me through this?
#9 gr8rltr, May 13, 2015
I'm in a similar situation, namely, my kernel date is after June 3, so towelroot doesn't work. I'm still on 4.4.2. any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
#10 RA_BH, May 13, 2015
In order for me or anyone to help you. You will need at the minimum to post the device build number.
#11 rootandroideasy, May 14, 2015
In order for me or anyone to help you. You will need at the minimum to post the device build number.
#12 rootandroideasy, May 14, 2015
thanks for the reply. I did additional research and found that the steps in the post referenced worked for me, after I updated my Samsung drivers:
#13 RA_BH, May 18, 2015
I just compiled ALL of my ROOT bookmarks into a single post on the Verizon S5

* Root the Verzion S5.... ALL of my bookmarks in one post

maybe one of those links will help you.

2 ea. Verizon Galaxy S5, 4.4.4 forever!, ART
MyPhoneExplorer lets you access a broken phone while locked

Nova Prime, Textra, Blue Mail, Qi wireless equipped
MacroDroid can help extend battery life
MacroDroid senses Screen off, turns Wifi & Data OFF
MacroDroid senses Screen UnLock, turns Data ON
PureVPN when using a public WiFi
#14 AZgl1500, May 19, 2015
I finished rooting the galaxy s5 g900v phone.

0) back up all your data. Titanium backup pro is the easiest way. Backup ALL user and system apps+data. Trust me, do this!

1) you must downgrade from 5.0 to 4.4.2. get original verizon os from sammobile. Don't need to be rooted to do this, just use odin 3.09. Download the newest 4.4.2 which uses the NE9 kernel. Sadly you will have to wait 8+ hours for it to download, because sammobile has slow servers. Trust me, there isn't a faster alternative that's safe so you just need to wait.
The correct OS to download will contain this: G900VVRU1ANE9
Use this guide to do the downgrade:

1b) You will probably get bootloop (stuck on verizon screen), don't worry just take out battery and reinsert and boot into recovery and Clear Cache. Hopefully you backed everything up beforehand, so if all your data is safe then just go ahead and wire data/factory rest (still in recovery). Clearing cache AND wiping data is the cleanest way to do the downgrade, to prevent potential future issues, so this is highly recommended.
Use this guide to help fix any problems you might encounter:

2) after successful downgrade, root using towelroot.
Rooting with towelroot is easy, just download tr.apk from the official towelroot site and drag it to your phone and install it and then make it ra1n.
use this guide to root with towelroot:

2b) If you are on 4.4.2 and towelroot says not supported, it's probably because you used the newest (and better) NE9 4.4.2 version. NE9 is the kernel name. You need to flash the NCG kernel in odin, reboot and root with towelroot and install and update supersu, and then reflash the NE9 kernel.
Use this guide that shows you how to flash the kernel:
Wherever it says "NHA" in that thread, do NOT use NHA, instead use NE9 kernal in the link below (located in the "" folder).
(DON'T use the NHA kernal! It would cause a bootloop because it's the wrong kernal. You will have to get the NE9 kernal from here: S5/NE9 Root/ )

3) you are now rooted. congratulations! Use titanium backup to manually restore all your applications, application data, and system data including messages, call history, etc.

It worked for me. Sorry for the limited instructions, I don't have the time to do a full writeup, you will need to use the listed thread guides in the links I gave you for full instructions.
#15 askdjhf, May 29, 2015
I'm going to try this later tonight, downgrading from unrooted 5.0, OC4 so I can root and put on a custom ROM. Quick question though: What are the differences between the following: G900VVRU1ANE9 and G900VVRU1ANCG ? Does it matter? A different threat stated to use NCG and yours says NE9.

#16 mattbirk, Jun 9, 2015
according to this page at sammobile, NE9 is newer than NCG by 5 months; I don't know what the technical differences are. fwiw, my rooted but otherwise stock VZW S5 has NE9 on it -- I did not have to downgrade to that version, even though I've had the phone for less than a month.

EDIT: added the link...
EDIT2: look at 2b) in post #15 -- it discusses both of the 2 versions you asked about, mattbirk
#17 RA_BH, Jun 9, 2015 Last edited: Jun 9, 2015
a general but relevant question: other than being assured of the legitimacy of a download, is there a legal reason for suggesting sammobile as the source to DL the OS? I'll be glad to discuss this via PM's if anyone prefers that. RA
#18 RA_BH, Jun 9, 2015
Not sure the actual reason as I have seen them online from multiple different sources, but I used SamMobile today and the downloads didn't take long at all. I'd say < one hour even on 1.8GB.

EDIT: I take that back, both downloads were corrupt and unsuccessful. Downloading again, ETA: 11 hours

And it keeps corrupting.

Can anyone toss this in a Google Drive/Dropbox it to me if you have it locally? I cannot pay SamMobile for faster downloads: "SamMobile does not have any paid subscriptions available to which you can subscribe."
#19 mattbirk, Jun 9, 2015 Last edited: Jun 9, 2015
which ones do you need? NE9 and NCG? I grabbed them from a link provided on XDA, so the names look a little funky, but they're correct. sent you a PM/start-a-conversation with the link to Dropbox.
#20 RA_BH, Jun 9, 2015
Thanks a lot for the links!
After last night I got everything going: downgraded to NCG, rooted, installed custom ROM. I followed the thread by user askdjhf and the links they provided. worked perfectly.
#21 mattbirk, Jun 10, 2015
Glad it worked out for you! What custom ROM? Can you provide a link to it?
#22 RA_BH, Jun 10, 2015 Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
yes, I want to know about that also.... I would like to ditch Verizon's ROM to get rid of the bloatware.
#23 AZgl1500, Jun 10, 2015
Hello: I was reading this thread....

A Custom ROM on the Galaxy S5 to replace the Stock Verizon ROM? This is on the SM-G900V model? Really? Without Safestrap? How? Like several of years ago that Samsung updated to KNOX and cannot install a custom ROM???
#24 php111, Jun 24, 2015
All, I have the...
1. Manufacturer - Samsung
2. Model - (SM-G900V)
3. Software version - (5.0)
4. Specifics of the problem - rooting
5. Not rooted
6.Kernal Version: 3.4.0

I'm now in South Korea and on the olleh network which offers 4G LTE. I believe active agent is restricting my phone to 3G. I've tried other sim cards from samsung galaxy s5s that get the 4G LTE and still limited to 3G. I've confirmed it's a 4G sim card. I do get the warning that the SIM card is not from Verizon. I believe if I install a custom ROM I could eliminate whatever that dayum activation agent is hindering. Can anyone advise on the best course of action?
#25 whodatsay, Jul 2, 2015