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Support VZW Droid Turbo No SIM Card Found error

Happens every few days, at least 4 times so far. There is no pattern, just happens at random. Restart and it is working fine again.

Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions other than hard reset?


#1 trankster, Nov 19, 2014
A hard reset seems to be a drastic possible solution. I would suspect one of two things first: a marginally bad SIM card, or perhaps the SIM sensors within the phone are bad.

I'd bring it to a Verizon Wireless store (or call tech support), report the problem, and see if they offer to replace the SIM. If the problem still recurred with a new SIM, then I'd think about a factory reset. And if it still happened, I'd be asking for a warranty replacement.
#2 doogald, Nov 19, 2014
I bought my Turbo opening morning at a Verizon Corporate store. The Verizon customer rep couldn't get the phone activated, and ended up switching the factory-installed SIM card for a new card. My phone has worked flawlessly ever since. I wonder if there might be an issue with some of the factory-installed SIM cards?
#3 kmf, Nov 19, 2014
Just back from the Verizon store with a new SIM card, after the 3rd SIM error today. Seems to be good now. I will report back if any further problems. (I should have mentioned that mine is the 64gb model ordered direct from Verizon.) Thanks.
#4 trankster, Nov 19, 2014
I got a turbo about 3 months ago and just three days ago had my first experience with this. I removed and then re-inserted the sim card, gave it a hard reset and it worked. Since then I have had this problem occur multiple times. I've had the sim card replaced and it is still happening. Does anyone have any ideas????
#5 corbrunner, Jun 30, 2015
trankster solved it with his third SIM card. Maybe that will work for you.

... Thom
#6 Thom, Jun 30, 2015
I have this problem. It has happened multiple times. I thought I was just not getting good service, but it turns out the device doesn't recognize the SIM card.

I have no idea how to fix it. Sometimes it will restart itself multiple times, then just start working again. One time I contacted Motorola, and they have me clear the phone's cache, which worked. Removing the SIM card and putting it back in does not work.

I've had enough, and just asked Motorola to replace it for me.
#7 Rick H, Jul 4, 2015
I have had this problem twice, but didn't happen until I updated to Android 5.1. But again it has only happened twice since I updated. Never had it once while I was on KitKat.
#8 BKline2003, Jul 4, 2015
Wipe Cache Partition ... a second time for Rick and after doing the 5.1 upgrade. (10 min on Turbo and 13 min on Maxx.)

... Thom
#9 Thom, Jul 5, 2015
No issues since November after replacing the SIM card (happened daily before). If it keeps doing this, take it back to Verizon while still under warranty.
#10 trankster, Jul 5, 2015
This problem actually began before I upgraded to Lollipop (while it was still running Kitkat).

I tried to wipe the cache this time, but now my phone is non-functional. This is what I did:
Power off
Hold Volume Down for 3 seconds then press Power button to access special bootup menu
Use Volume Down to scroll down to Recovery Options then press Power to select
Android with ! shows up
Hold Power button for 3 seconds then Volume Up to access next screen
Use Volume Down to scroll down to Wipe Cache then press Power to select

There is some yellow text and numbers at the bottom left of the screen. This is different from the time a few days ago when I did it because that time I saw an android with a spinning animation. I suspect something is wrong so I hold power button for few seconds to try it again. Now I get a completely blank screen, but every 6 seconds it flashes the android with the ! that says "no command" very briefly for less than a second. Then back to black. And the whole time the phone is hot.

I've tried holding down the power button which makes the phone restart, and I see the Motorola logo for a few seconds, and it vibrates, then it returns to the "no command" flashing every 6 seconds.

I can get the phone back to the special boot menu, but if I try to wipe cache again, it will return to the "no command" flashing.


-EDIT- I tried getting to the special boot menu and just selected Start. My phone turned on normally this time (home screen). Sim card was still no being detected. I turned off the phone, and it powered off and went straight to the android ! screen.

I tried Wiping Cache this time, and I get some different yellow text at the bottom left of the screen saying:
qe 0/0
-- Wiping Cache...
Formating /cache...

I will leave it like this for a while and hope it does the trick.
#11 Rick H, Jul 5, 2015 Last edited: Jul 5, 2015
Now at the bottom it says in yellow:
qe 0/0
-- Wiping cache...
Formatting /cache...
Cache wipe complete.

So I reboot the phone.
Now my phone turns on, but under service I get no bars. It says data is not turned on, even though it is turned on. When I try to go to a website or something, it says error no connection. I actually turn on Airplane mode by accident and turn it off, and now it shows I have 4GLTE, as I should.

So now my phone appears to be working. And now I am familiar with wiping the cache partition. I hope I won't be needing to do that again.

Thank you to everyone on this forum who contributed information that led me to this point.
#12 Rick H, Jul 5, 2015
I Wipe Cache Partition on my Turbo and Maxx every Saturday. Yesterday it tool 10min for the Turbo and 14min for the Maxx.

(Turbo keystrokes changed in 5.1 on the Turbo.)

... Thom
#13 Thom, Jul 5, 2015
I updated to Lollipop 2 days ago, and while I have not seen it fail to recognize my sim card, I just noticed my phone loses service a lot. I was driving home (NYC area) from Newark airport and noticed the GPS kept losing signal and I had no bars. This has nothing to do with Verizon's service, as I confirmed that my sister, who was in the car and shares the same family plan, had uninterrupted service on her phone.

I'm reaching a tipping point where I want to throw my phone against some rocks.

Oh and just now my phone restarted itself. And it doesn't see the sim card.
I'm going to the store to demand a new sim card.
#14 Rick H, Jul 7, 2015
Did you Wipe Cache Partition after the upgrade to 5.1?

... Thom
#15 Thom, Jul 7, 2015
It could also be a bad SIM slot. If a new SIM doesn't help, go for a warranty replacement.
#16 doogald, Jul 7, 2015