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Root Wanting to root my AT&T Note 4

I have been having nothing but issues with my note 4 and several people have mentioned that I should root it to help with the issues. I haven't rooted a phone since I had the original motorola droid and I have NO idea how to do it on this phone and I'm sure many things have changed since then!

If someone could give me a few pointers or point me in the direction of a post with directions that would be amazing!

Not sure what information you need but it is a model number - SAMSUNG-SM-N910A
Android Version- 5.0.1
Kernel Version- 3.10.40-4160876
Build Number- LRX22C.N910AUCU1C0C4
KNOX Version- Knox 2.3

Any help is greatly appreciated!


#1 awwpickle, May 29, 2015
I don't believe there is a root for ATT yet, unfortunately. :(
#2 thaKing, Jun 19, 2015
ThaKing is correct. The AT&T and Verizon Notes have encrypted bootloaders, making them impossible to root. Until the carriers authorize Samsung to release the encryption keys, stock retail phones will remain locked down. And figure the odds about THAT happening. No, our beloved carriers are well-paid to throw bloat on those phones: the last thing they want us doing is rooting and removing all those wonderful "featured" apps.
#3 The_Chief, Jun 20, 2015
Iam getting this phone in the next couple days. i saw a video which shows how to root using a program called king root, the problem is its a temporary root. i almost Guarantee there is a service in the ramdisk that checks for root and then removes it, Just like LG phones.. iam going to play with it a bit, Since The note uses a signed boot.img, cant use a source built version. a tool used by some of us devs called abootimg is able to replace the zImage > kernel , and ramdisk-img > init files in the original boot.img.. keeping the original img, signature, size in tact.. ill look into it some more, also want to try and get a pre rooted rom via ODIN, worst case i can always get back into download mode and flash Kitkat back with the downgrade packages.

#4 Dm47021, Sep 21, 2015
Any luck with this, DM? I'd love hear you cracked the case wide open! :)
#5 Macfionn, Sep 25, 2015
well, i wasnt able to get the note, they were out of stock, but i got the s5 which, is in the same exact boat as the note, same security.. i have a theory.. if i can write an installer to install supersu, and sign the apk with the Samsung key found in the boot,img.. it just may give me system write, because the software would be bootloader verified
#6 Dm47021, Sep 26, 2015