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Support What google apps and bloatware safe to remove?

You can disable whatever app you want without root. If its able to be disabled its safe to disable if you don't want to use it. As far as actually deleting them permanently you need to be rooted.
#2 timmyh318, Dec 15, 2014
I've done that with a few stock apps, though they tend to come back... much like the ghouls in the Stephen King novel. Android insists on updating these apps that have been disabled and reverted to their original versions making the process completely pointless. I too wish there was a better solution without rooting.
#3 dreamkatcha, Dec 25, 2014
I've said it all along google puts as much useless bloatware on a phone as any carrier does. I've had people argue with me that its not bloatware if it comes from google but it really is. Its just google branded bloat instead of carrier branded bloat. Different name same useless stuff.
#4 timmyh318, Dec 27, 2014
Apps disabled so far on my Moto G (Please note some of the apps chosen for disabling is because I dont need those services, it might be different for others. So please decide what function you can live without) :D

Google calender sync
Google contacts sync
Google play games
Google play books
Google play movies & tv
Google play newstand
Update 29-12-2014
Cloud Print
Exchange Services
Google Korean keyboard
Google Pinyin Input
Hp print service plugin
Google Talkback
Google Text to Speech

There are others which I will disabled one at a time & update this list
#5 socrates0, Dec 28, 2014 Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
If the option is there for an app to be disabled it is safe to disable. It will not let you disable anything that it needs to run. Its up to you if you need to use that app. Calander and contact sync may be important to some people.
#6 timmyh318, Dec 28, 2014
can the language inputs, like Google Korean input, be disabled or removed without hurting anything?
#7 jazz53, Dec 28, 2014
Yes, that includes the PinYin, Cantonese, and Hindi input also.
#8 spunky168, Dec 28, 2014