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What happens if I clear Play app data?

Hi, I have a minor problem with an app (CoPilot) and the support team have advised me to reinstall from scratch. One of the steps is to clear cache and data from the Play Store app (Settings, applications, Play Store). I cleared the cache but on pressing the "Clear data" button I chickened out. A warning message came up to say I was about to clear setting, files, accounts etc. Presumably that is for ALL apps so it sounded pretty scary. Is it as bad as I think or am I being too cautious?


#1 Tooslow2007, Mar 8, 2013
Don't worry. It only wipe Google play store app data, just like other apps. After you again run the app, it request accept TOS bla bla but not request Google account login details. Also it wipe pin play store number. Its not wipe your phone Google account details or apps.
#2 Andima, Mar 8, 2013
Thanks Andima, I tried that and the world didn't end, it was just as you described. Thanks for your help.
#3 Tooslow2007, Mar 12, 2013