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Why does Motoblur suck and how to get rid of it?

I have been seeing a lot of post,comments about how Motoblur is so crappy. What is motoblur and why is it so bad?? I just went from an LG Shine to my first smartphone, the Atrix of course. I really dont see what the big deal is. Is it because Im so new to this smartphone thing? Going from the Shine to the Atrix is like going from 8bit Nintendo to PS3 to me. I also keep hearing about "rooting" the Atrix. What improvements could there be from getting rid of motoblur?? Is it really that big of a deal? If there is a way to make this phone even better than it is already, im all ears! Im new to this whole thing so bare with my noobness. I work in the IT field so I think I could follow a well written guide on "rooting" the Atrix. Im just wondering if its really worth it, or should I just leave my phone as it is? I've already done the 2 updates that have been released, but I dont even get 4g where I live. Im sure eventually we will, but now all I get is Edge. The only time I get the H+ network is when I drive to work. I love my Atrix and plan on keeping it for a very long time. Any help or links would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


#1 philharmonik, May 10, 2011
Motoblur is an UI that Motorola placed on top of the Android OS. Motorola added other softwares, applications and features that makes Motoblur more unique compared to Vanilla Android or the other OEM UI.

It really depends on you and if you like the look of motoblur, the widgets that get etc.

Motoblur also provides some services like tracking lost phone, locking it if stolen and mobile wipe.

People hate it because of the look and intrusiveness of the UI. If you're not using any of those apps/features, they are simply wasting space and using resource on your phone.

Here are some other threads you'd be interested in:

If you want to get rid of Motoblur, the best option is to Root your phone (go to the Root subforums for helpful threads) and freezet the motoblur apps.
#2 Roze, May 10, 2011
if you dont want to root, you can "hide" blur. you can use something like go launcher ex or adw launcher or laundher pro. i prefer go launcher but i have had them all and they are all good.
#3 bloodylipp, May 10, 2011
Rooting your phone offers the most options for getting rid of MotoBlur - but it's not a thing you do on a lark, or because you're bored. Before you root, read up on the pros and cons of rooting, and realize that it voids your warranty, and if you screw it up and your phone becomes inoperable, you can't just return it to AT&T and say it's defective. You broke it, YOU fix it!

Fortunately, the odds of bricking your phone are slim (the Atrix may have been the easiest of all of my android phones to root) as long as you follow the directions. Additionally, this forum is full of nice, helpful people who will walk you through the process of restoring your phone. Just bring your problem here, and a solution will be presented in a short time.

Like I said, read, read, READ all about rooting, before you try it; and don't adopt the mindset of "If this goes wrong, I'll take it back to AT&T and get a replacement".

#4 ultradroid, May 10, 2011
Thanks everyone for all the helpful information. I found some well written guides on rooting and installing Gingerblur. Also found some good YouTube videos as well. Im going to tackle it this weekend. I will post pics when I get it completed!
#5 philharmonik, May 11, 2011
I'm wondering if it's worth rooting to get Gingerblur or just wait until they release 2.3 (they've already promised an update to 2.3 'later this year').

Are there any staggering benefits from using Gingerblur as opposed to stock 2.2? I'm currently running Launcher Pro with my Atrix so I don't worry about Motoblur.
#6 kilasix9, May 11, 2011
The issue and the advantages don't lie with GingerBlur, but rather in the fact that to *use* GingerBlur, you'll need to be rooted. Once you're rooted, you can install any custom rom designed for the Atrix that you choose, and in the months ahead that could prove to be an impressive collection. The Arix is in the early stages of having custom software written for it. The locked bootloader provides problems, but they're not insurmountable ones.

The Motorola Droid X came out last summer, complete with a locked and encrypted bootloader. Having owned a DX for almost a year now, and enjoying many different roms/themes that I've run on that phone, I can honestly say that I tend to forget all about the locked bootloader most of the time. Take a look at this site - Droid X Android Development - xda-developers as well as this one - Droid X Roms - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum and you'll get an idea as to how many really cool roms are out there for the DX. Given time, I fully expect to see a similar amount of roms and themes become available for the Atrix. All free (but if you like it and use it, you should consider donating to the developer who created it) and all well written. You don't need to worry about installing a custom rom and having it screw with your system. Many of those custom roms are better written software than the manufacturer's OTA updates.

We stand at the threshold of some exciting things for the android community in general and for the Atrix in particular. I wouldn't wait or worry about when Motorola feels like upgrading the Atrix to Gingerbread with an OTA update but, instead, root your phone and go on a tour of what's available now in the way of custom software and the really cool things that are just ahead, down the road.

#7 ultradroid, May 11, 2011
Thanks a lot ultra. Great info. I have no qualms about rooting. I did it on the Captivate a month or two after owning it and never had any problems. I've always been pretty savy for an average user with phones.

I understand what you are saying about the custom roms and the phones potential. While I could wait for Motorola to push out an official update to 2.3, by then I'll probably already be behind on the types of software mods that the phone is capable of.

I think I will go ahead and root then install the gingerblur tomorrow, since gingerblur is the best I've hear of as far as roms go.

Thanks again.
#8 kilasix9, May 11, 2011
Does Gingerblur have the "reboot" option when you hit the power button. I really like that! I know GreyBlur has it.
#9 philharmonik, May 11, 2011
Yes it does, I used to have it till I updated to .83. Still haven't gotten around to reinstalling it since I already froze the bloatware and have nothing against MotoBlur (at least for now lol)
#10 Canio Wolf, May 11, 2011
I also find it hard to believe that the motoblur launcher runs so poorly on the Atrix. If a dual core processor can't make it run well I don't know what will. SPB shell ran a million times smoother on my Atrix then blur and it has a lot more going on.
#11 moondrius, May 11, 2011
For some reason, and I can't figure out why, the Motoblur skin completely strangles the raw power that the Atrix has. It's got quite powerful hardware, yet Motoblur makes it run so much slower than it really should. As mentioned above, if you really want to get a feel for how fast your new Atrix CAN be, but don't want to risk the root methods, you can always download and run a custom launcher. I have Launcher Pro myself, and I love it. Unfortunately, Blur is embedded everywhere in the Atrix, so you're really only covering the part of it that is on the launcher/home area.
#12 Calijoefornia, May 12, 2011