FPVLR antennas and new advanced booster kit

FPVLR antennas and new advanced booster kit
Fpvlr.com.     this is a video on what it looks like I'll do another video on how I did it

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Trying to find out why my long range gear isn't working so first thing is to find out what the stock is so I can prove there is nothing wrong with the H or ST16 I was pleasantly surprised. A very


  • jay B
    what size is the Acrylic sheet.."the measurement of the acrylic?''
  • John Bess
    so u need 2 boosters to run on st16?
  • Pacem Lumine
    Can you please say what is the FCC ID number on those boosters? No one seems to be able to provide that info and I can't find it shown on the amps at the sales sites.
  • Judgey GX
    Looking forward to your range tests Pete
  • D Gaines
    how much distance are u going to get with those?
  • RC Tanks & Trucks 24/7
    Holy butter balls batman! That's impressive.