Top 10 Best Android Games 2016 | MUST PLAY

Top 10 Best Android Games 2016 | MUST PLAY
In this video we take a look of our list of top 10 best android games 2016. This list includes the best android games with good storylines and addictive for those people who like to spend most of their time gaming on their smartphone device. Some of these games are free and paid and some games require WiFi to play. Comment down below and tell us your favorite android games in this list.

➢ Top 10 Best Android Games 2017 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVoHAaFMko4

♦ List ♦

■ Geometry Dash Meltdown (0:22)

■ Dragon Hills  (0:59)

■ Rayman Adventures (1:20)

■ Alto's Adventure (2:25)

■ Badland 2 (3:08)

■ Splash Cars (3:54)

■ Xenowerk (4:25)

■ Traffic Rider (4:50)

■ Clash Royale (5:41)

■ GTA Liberty City Stories (6:12)

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♬ Music ♬  

■ Intro : Distrion & Alex Skrindo - Entropy 
■ List 7 : Virtual Riot - Energy Drink
■ Outro : Audioscribe - Free Fall

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    the first game was geometry dash full version.
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  • Loves Minecraft, roblox
    Nice vid but no. 1 is not for android
  • Huge Build Creapy Games
    Its isnt a geometry dash meldown, its geometry dash full game
  • orgil Orgilgg
    Where is minecraft
  • Youssef Ml
  • Fist Power
    okay I played all of them wut now?
  • hidge Anas
    Really clash Royale
  • Zuignap •
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  • arwen Buagas
    the last one is the best
  • oyun dunyasi
  • AL_GAMER 31
    1. FNaF SL
    2.FNaF 4
    3.FNaF 3
    4.FNaF 2
    5.FNaF 1
  • Janiya Jones
    Geometry dash reminded me of coryxkenshin check out his YouTube channel it's funnier than Kevin Hart life
  • Mr. Anything
    I liked the dislike button
  • TheCharater
    0:10 geometry dash finger dash
  • Android Games
    Many kinds game.
    All are good
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    I am a student who makes games to entertain, and i wish you will like it.
    Link: http://nimbleinity.com/4Dwr

    I am sharing, so i might get more feedback, i wish to imrove, reach wider audience, and have fun making games you all can enjoy.
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  • Khatuna Bandzeladze
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    Best strategic sport war games android
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  • Mohamed Khayre
  • izabela izabela28@ymail.com
    What's the name of the song on geometry dash
  • Vloging with Samuel
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  • I’m Tragiic
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  • dz salah android
    gta v pleeeeeaaaaaaasssss
  • hamma boutabba
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  • mohamed ruzaik
    Where is Modern combat 5 fucking list
  • Ashutosh Budhathoki
    the picture you have put is of gta 5
  • FlammablePoem21, BloodyIron21
    The intro though
  • priyanshu gaming
    Clash royal ,clash of clans and shadow fight 3 -best games
    ever in smartphone!!!
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