Yu Phone Touch Problem - Solution

Yu Phone Touch Problem - Solution
This is the first time i am seeing this problem in my yuphoria
I installed the first bug fixing ota update almost a week ago 
I never saw this problem before that update.

Major Problems In Yuphoria Video -

First Ota Update Video - 

Music In The Video Is Provided By NoCopyrightSounds
Song: Jim Yosef - Firefly

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  • Melissa Plays Roblox
    The same thing happened to my moms phone and I did that and it still doesn't work :/
  • Ghus Soco
    it worked thak u so much
    Thanks fre
  • Nanjibhai Vaniya
    tnxx it's really work
  • Diamond Sealsrsm
    Its not working why???
  • ski smith
    Mines was touching but activating other places on screen. Don't know how it work. But help fix mines. It's working now
  • MH Youqzan
    i must say that this video is fantastic thanks yar but why screens are not working like this
  • Evan Do
    Thank you so much
  • Tanveer Sayani
    its work thanks alot <3
  • Nur Latifah
    Thank you so much 😁😁
  • Jahedur Rahman
    OMG thank you soooo much it's like you saved my life thank you
  • bts love you a lot bts love you a lot
    not working
  • Nagato cross
    صوت الموسيقى مزعج
  • warrior surya
  • Vinay Valmik
    No working
  • rajnagar rajanagar
    After doing this same problem ,
  • M ARFAN Arfan Khan
  • Parveen Taj
    why this music.
  • आज का ज्ञान
    Bhai tune mujhe pitne se bachaya tera lakh lakh shukriya😂
  • Joevian Jodi
    not working
  • Ram Vishun
    Not working
  • Mohamed Tarek
    But what if my power off button doesn't work good?
  • Mohamed Tarek
    Thank you actually it works
  • uttam uttam thakur
    my phone is not working still
  • Prakash Games
    Rockea wate company
  • karthik devaramani
    It will work for all phones
  • mercy diedonne
    Thanx.but wat do i do if the screen works but the key board does not appear for me to in put my password?
  • Aman Chaudhary
    Bhai aapko toch karne nhi aata h
  • Indu Dharmavarapu
    it's true
  • Saurav Kumar Verma
    meta mobile aabhi bhi Nani chala
  • Syed Ahmad
    Thanks a lot sir!! It really helped me
  • T.R Krishnamoorthy
    it really works
  • Sumith Shetty
    i bought lenovo k8 plus recently and now i'm getting same issue when i reboot my phone it works but after some time it happens again :( you got any solution shivani ?
    plz help someone
  • Rock*** Sujith
    If i didnt watch this video i was giving service center my mobile
  • Rock*** Sujith
  • Rock*** Sujith
    THank u broooooooo if it could give 100 like i would be given it really worked
  • sharndeep singh
    touch not working when power button press
  • sharndeep singh
    bai power button press krne ke baad touch working nahi karti
  • Akash Saroj
    Thanks yaar
  • Shaik Faisal
    Same problem fuck this Mobile
  • Anshul Yadav
    YU yuphaoria me space dene ke solution ke video dalo please
  • channel 360
    Guys just remove battery and then turn on
  • Zachary Tait
    Thank you really appreciate the video!
  • Mahida Kokab
    Working thanks🤞🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Prosenjit Mondal
  • Nosrevi Iverson
    how ,,if my phone is a clone oppo?
  • Anita Kutlehria
    lt is not working
  • Ashu Mini
    Yes it work😁
  • Ashu Mini
    Yes it work😁
  • Noah W
    , it didn't work on my phone