ITELITE DBS046B Antenna Upgrade for Yuneec Typhoon H ST16 & 24 Controller

ITELITE DBS046B Antenna Upgrade for Yuneec Typhoon H ST16 & 24 Controller
How to fit the enhanced antenna set for the ST16 & ST24 controller by Yuneec.

This attena had been replaced with the new Itelite dbs05-6b

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  • Stephen Monchak
    I have had 0 increase in range. I believe the antenna is ok.. but as far as distance.. no way/
  • jay B
    Seem like you know your stuff so I got a question to ask. Whats the different between: 1) FPVLR yuneec typhoon h pro 3- antenna long range antenna kit, $160. 2)Itelite DBS range antenna ITE- DB505.6b yuneec typhoon h pro 920/st16+/ st24+, $109. and 3) FPVLR 3DR solo long range antenna upgrade v-2 10.5DBi $129.
    I'm trying to find out which one gives the longest distance and best signal. Please help
    great video , very clear, many thanks...........subbed already........i have sent an email with my inquiry.......keep up the great videos....
  • Dave Everett
    I've heard great things about the FPVLR antenna set. Any experience with those?
  • J Trager
    Why would Yuneec have and antenna ports for 2 antennas and still have an internal 2.4Ghz antenna???  Yuneec needs to change this to get better performance on the telemetry!
  • Eye In The Sky
    Got my antenna the other day great video
  • Luftdrone.dk
    Hi, how much is shipping to DK on one of these antenna mods?
  • folepi22
    I understand Itelite is going to offer a 3 antenna version for the ST16 so that the internal antenna can be routed out like the other 2. This is supposedly to improve the telemetry signal which is still weak with the DBS046B. Have you heard anything about this?