Yuphoria heating issue solved! [THE ULTIMATE FIX]

Yuphoria heating issue solved! [THE ULTIMATE FIX]
Hello mates, Aff as Akshat here and today, in this video, I'm gonna solve MOST of your problems that you have in your mind regarding the Yuphoria! SO have a look and let me know if there's ANYTHING else that's bugging you up! 

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  • Hrishikesh Phukon
    It really worked . thanks
  • Saikumar Shambhu
    Are o pastu soopira Nina
  • chirag tomar
    it's not getting updates from last year
  • Awesome Pagal Panti
    Yup its Working bro I have changed charger with Normal Samsung charger it Increased my battery backup...😉Tq
  • meenal singh
    too gud buddy...i luv the way u explained all that...a big thumsup for u...keep going
  • saptarshi sau
  • Vaze Ango
    bro,what about the heating affect...iam using motorola and and samsung chargers but still my phone keeps on heating
    and plz tell me something about fixing the multitouch in yuphoria
  • Rajput manish
    I have YU 5010
    how to solve mic problem
  • Nitish MAISNAM
    and is it right to play games by charging?? please reply
  • Nitish MAISNAM
    thanks bro and also make a video of fps games which is compatible with YU yuphoria
  • Aditya Kumar
    how to update yuphoria 5010a
    I am using Yureka plus on lollipop version but I want to upgrade my Yureka plus into marshmallow version. tell m bro
    bhai Hindi nahi aati h kya
  • rishi Kumawat
    v good English broo
  • khush veera
    ya heating issue can engrave tough lines in my mobile
  • Rohan Dhamale
    Thank you!! Aff!! After watching this video i didn't follow it for few days!! Later i gave a try and am charging my phone using yureka charger!! It didn't actually solve the heating problem!! I think it has increased heating!!! But yes it reduced laggy nature of the form!!!!!! Heating wasn't an issue to me but lagging was!! And that has been solved!!! Thank you alot!!💓😘😘😘💓
  • Satinder Singh
    Yuphoria random battery level par shutdown ho raha haiiii
  • siva teja
    shall we update yu 5010 to yu 5010A??
  • Yeshodeep Nerkar
    What about the multi touch on yuphoria... I don't play the game in yuphoria... Its touch is not work while playing games
  • rocking boy
    my yureka plus does not go into fast recivery mode what sould i do
  • The ANDROID Bangers
    can you tell me how can we identify old and new yuphoria
  • ponu ekal
    This heating problems is yet coming. From 3 weeks I am charing my YU phone white Samsung charger. But problems is not yet solved if I used 3 or 4 at once than it's heat more and more..
    can you have suggestion..
    Than reply fast..
  • Akshay Rode
    Thanks for info bro ...I m going to try this one...
  • manikanth naredla
    hey guys no executives suggest u to charge with other normal charger this guy is mad doesn't know anything. plz don't listen to these guys if u had any straight away go to service center they'll help u to fix it.plz its my humble request
  • Rishabh Sahu
    hi bro mera yuphoria charge hone m 3 hour leta h. i m very annoyed what to do pls help and my phone is not rooted
  • Ravi prasad
    in my phone Android 5.1.1 in YU yuphoria data off option is not coming it show's data usages what should I do??
    YU Unicron volts sapotd ledhu
    YU Unicron phone heating problem
  • ashish patel
    But the YU center suggests me that don't charge yuphoria from other chargers...
    and after all company is also aware that problem if it is happening...
    And heating problem also solved simply by update the software!
  • Surya Kiran Reddy
    yes bro i have original old LG charger can i use old one(5 years back i have purchased it)
  • Surya Kiran Reddy
    but using another brand chargers may destroy our battery na
    i have a Samsung charger can i use it for slow charging?
  • Akshat Bisht
    sooooo plzzzz plzzz help meeeeeee bro
  • Akshat Bisht
    help me bro Yu5010A hang bahut Karta Hai in multitasking way
  • Akshat Bisht
    Heyyyy okkk thanks it is myyy bigest problem thanxxx also to solve it
  • Poukinn Gangmei
    hi AFF is there a twrp recovery for android yuphoria 5010a(nobody hardly write about yuphoria 5010a) and tell me where to get it and how to flash using flashify
  • Rinu mon
    can you make a video on hard brick yuphoria....hard bricked 1month ago....pls help
  • Ashok Kamath
    bro plz tell me how to get a USB otg support on yuphoria??
  • Shree Gupta
    and yu thermal config is YUniversal for all YU devices
  • Shree Gupta
    thanks man!!!!! it actually solved the heating issue
    also an app called "yu themal config" on the play store helps to avoid heating during gaming or music or something else but it needs root access
  • Divyesh Patel
    i have been suffering from my yuphoria phone from last 2 weeks. Touch screen not working. can you please help me with this issue. do you have any solution for this problem. please help.
  • Daniel Baptista
    and sometimes lagging
  • Daniel Baptista
    even my yunicorn phone heats up and all
  • Daniel Baptista
    can also make a vid on pu unicorn
  • manas sinha
    Thanks buddy! actually I've been using this shitty thing with my other few phones as well and yeah they just also heated up like hell! and yeah after using my Samsung's adapter for the charging with my yu cable, it seems to be a better combo! :D
    and one more thing I didn't forget to hit the subscribe button up there! cheers!
  • dron pathak
    hey i m not able to connect my phone with my pc for media transferring.... its only charging when i connect my phone with my lappy...and in settings -> storage usb connection its showing no usb connected ... plz suggest something ...i have tried of changing pc nd laptop nd usb too
  • Amit Dev
    thanks for info
  • Sasidhar Vivek
    recently, my phone is acting weird. it is taking 9 hrs to fully charge. what to do?
    I'm using RR v5.6.8
  • Adu is cool
    Akshat, Other than using Samsung or Motorola charger, can we use the LG Nexus 5 charger. Need your advice urgently😓
  • Clasher ON
    dude i have a problem with yuphoria nowadays can you solve it . reply me